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The Week That Was (TWTW) Archives

Date of TWTW Key Topics in this TWTW
Dec 19, 2020 Modest change, no similarity, models, observations, IPCC, surface, AIRS, NASA-GISS, corals, Ridd, fires, CO2, hydrocarbons, minus 70 C, vaccine
Dec 12, 2020 Lindzen, Christy, surface data, insignificant change, censorship, incorrect physics, greenhouse effect, Greenland heat, Hurricane season, SPPI, balanced budget multiplier, UK budget multiplier, governor nos, Anthropocene, 17,000
Dec 5, 2020 Logarithmic, quilt, scientific method, corrections, Christy, McKitrick, D-O events, climate modeling, uncertainty, discrepancy, reality, ENSO, hurricanes, NOAA, Portland, ME, sea levels, Monckton, tolerance, 9, wheat varieties
Nov 28, 2020 Greenhouse, W&H, Hayden, HITRAN, IPCC, observations, confusing, tinier, Spencer, poor execution, sharing evidence, avoiding evidence, coral reefs, Marohasy, British green, EVs, batteries, Massachusetts, Adams, 2%
Nov 21, 2020 Greenhouse, Howard Hayden, CO2, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, ppmv, blocking IR, wavelength matters, earth as a whole, all wavelengths, NASA-GISS, effect, concentration, eelgrass, insect apocalypse, UK climate change act, Johnson, exaggerated fires, 75%, 145%
Nov 14, 2020 National Climate Assessment, out of date, ARPA-E, C3, C4, plants, Idso, hurricanes, Bastardi, no return, methane, permafrost, equilibrium climate, censorship, 86 to 238%, corn
Nov 7, 2020 Happer, exponential, tipping point, polar region, clouds, McKitrick, Christy, Curry, scientization, policy, UK grid, zero carbon, 1.5%, solar power, cheapest power
Oct 31, 2020 Knew what, what we know, Hitran, W & H, Frank, new IPCC models, Revelle, Curry, science and politics, NOAA, 2%
Oct 24, 2020 NOAA, atmospheric measurements, CO2, temperatures, UN, weather, Pielke, normalize, AIER, Barrington, food security, 251.9 million years ago
Oct 17, 2020 Nobel Prize, auctions, unintended consequences, wind power, weaponization of weather, world conditions, UN, IEA, nitrous oxide, Great Barrier Reef, 99%, reduced criteria pollutants.
Oct 10, 2020 Ridley, scientific method, guess and test, pandemic, groupthink, Marohasy, Ridd, CCTF2020, clean energy, blackouts, Schumpeter, Smith, Dears, greening, Africa, US $3,660 billion
Oct 3, 2020 Ignoring evidence, sea level rise, Hansen, the battery, mike’s nature trick, oysters, Adam Smith, hydrothermal vents
Sep 19, 2020 Tyndall, greenhouse effect, critical for life, IPCC, MODTRAN, photosynthesis, chemosynthesis, Legates, NOAA, US National Climate Assessment, 2014, 2018, Roberts, Soon, Christy, Evans, model runs, model problems, UHI, Mitchell, limits of growth, 64%, ACE
Sep 12, 2020 Greenhouse effect, Happer, climate change, Lindzen, Science, Nature, IPCC models, PETM, whales, thermohaline circulation, ECS, wildfires, 10%
Sep 5, 2020 Happer, common sense, greenhouse effect, Tyndall, experiments, CO2, photosynthesis, C3 C4 plants, optics, wildfires, sea level, ocean ph, whales, 4.3 to 8.7 million
Aug 29, 2020 Happer, popular delusions, common sense, DDP, Schwarzschild , Plank, greenhouse effect, Swift, Laputa, McKitrick, bias, Lomborg, Sheahen, Goklany, 50%, Laura
Aug 22, 2020 Destabilizing, solar, wind, CMIP6, IPCC, wrong way, April Fools, 10% of 27,695 MW, zero, BPA, California
Aug 8, 2020 July summary, W & H, general conclusions, fossil fuels, atmospheric temperature trends, primary productivity, wind power, zero
Aug 1, 2020 July summary, ocean chemistry, sea levels, Steele, Newlyn, wind power, low costs, GWPF, hydrogen, Future Energy Scenarios, 33 to 1
Jul 25, 2020 July summary, III, equilibrium, greenhouse effect, models, Nakamura, testing models, McKitrick, Christy, CMIP6, Climate Change Research Centre, World Climate Research Programme (WCRP), Ridd, 12 datasets
Jul 18, 2020 July Summary, greenhouse effect, van Wijngaarden, Happer, simple physics, slogan, elegant equations, theoretical molecular physics, elegant equations, convection, phase change, clouds, optical depth, water vapor added, logarithmic relationship, CO2 warming, cooling, loaded questions, Soon, ocean acidification, Steele, nutrition, photosynthesis, 23, 36 states.
Jul 11, 2020 July summary, know, suspect, incorrect, Lindzen, McIntyre, good proxy, new human fingerprint, from 55% to 34%
Jul 4, 2020 Lindzen, oversimplified, issues not resolved, science fiction, CMIP6, Shellenberger, hydrogen, Sowell, 0.086ºC/decade (0.155ºF/decade)
Jun 27, 2020 Feynman, philosophers, oversimplified, Lindzen, IPCC, generally accepted, equilibrium, not complete, exploding models, Spencer, overestimates, warming clouds, NCAR, funding, contrarian, Shellenberger, wind magic, Denmark, 2%
Jun 20, 2020 Tyndall, greenhouse warming, Lindzen, phases of water, Vallis, heat exposure, black mothers, tree rings, droughts, Homewood, Mars, daily temperature change, 100?C, 180?F, importance of greenhouse gas warming
Jun 13, 2020 Curry, Webster, dynamics, tropics, book review, approaches, reductionism, holism, continued problems, shock value, carbon-free electricity, low cost, Truman, pumped hydro storage, El Hierro, King Island, snowstorms, 11,000 & 1,600, 0.003%
Jun 6, 2020 Ignorance, uncertainty, inverse, NEPA, New Orleans, Katrina, regulatory relief, infrastructure, Covid models, climate models, modelers, bounding, alkalinity, Steele, extreme weather, 10% loss
May 30, 2020 Political rhetoric, dashboards, physical evidence, Humlum, warming, troposphere temperatures, El Nino, oceans surface, sea levels, cryosphere ice, tropical storms, RSS, UAH, human fingerprint, climate velocity, dinosaurs, uncertainty, Disney, 140% more
May 23, 2020 Disruptive wind, US power, UK wind, Denmark wind, needed questions, modeling for public policy, TRCS team, COVID-19, transparency, greenhouse gas index, NOAA, US laboratories, water vapor, 25 to 100 times greater,
May 16, 2020 Red team v blue team, COVID-19, personal attacks, Soon, natural experiment, sun, planets, CO2, pollution, natural variation, solid models, solid data, hidden problem, zero
May 9, 2020 Hal Doiron, TRCS, root cause, bounding analysis, NASA, Eisenhower, undersea volcanos, Plimer, ICECAP, NCAR, pH, McCarthy, Bloomberg, PM 2.5, £25/MWh v. £122/MWh
May 2, 2020 Hal Doiron, Apollo, scientific method, petroleum drills, issues, modeling, dispatchable, non-dispatchable, unreliable power, wind power, hockey-sticking, elephant seals, droughts, ENSO
Apr 25, 2020 USGCRP, CEI, CO2 emissions, sea level rise, Newlyn, Michael Moore, Northam, Virginia, medical facilities, air toxins, 3, 4, & 5.
Apr 18, 2020 Solar cycles, limits of models, criteria, examples, erroneous modeling, McKitrick, epistemic trespass, McIntyre, water vapor, air pollution, clean air, funding, 2 cents, American Lung Association
Apr 11, 2020 S. Fred Singer, integrity
Apr 4, 2020 Spencer, Christy, McNider, 30 years, models, evidence, ENSO, Antarctica, pumped hydro, 20% loss, April Fools Award
Mar 28, 2020 Feynman, scientific integrity, COVID-19 Response Team, Imperial College, Ferguson, UN Secretary-General, green non-deal, fossil fuels, life expectancy, PDO, subsidies, 4% of GDP (about $850 billion)
Mar 21, 2020 Ioannidis, data, projecting, policy, two crises, ignoring data, IPCC, UN, climate crisis, talking trash, AMO, Happer, greenhouse effect, Venus, Mars, Earth, Kelly, UK, heating, vehicles, Driessen, oil market turmoil, 365.2422 days
Mar 14, 2020 Tyndall, Happer, Dyson, Feynman. Benefits of greenhouse effect, benefits of CO2, methane, Sheahen, authoritarian progressives, Oregon, Virginia, 15,000 ppm
Feb 29, 2020 Green dreams, costs, GWPF, CEI, green new deal, pumped hydro, model problems, Inhofe, Courtney, weather, climate, Mass, NOAA, NCAR, CSL, simulations, observations, Christy, divergence, $61,937, $75,000
Feb 22, 2020 Scientific method, Essex, ascent of man, Einstein, eliminate error, weather forecasting, D’Aleo, NOAA, NASA-GISS, computer resources, Mass, national climate assessment, raw data, ECMRWP, $140 million
Feb 15, 2020 Emissions down, sensitivity up, Watts, AR6, nature variation, Curry, Milankovitch Cycles, CO2, Early Jurassic, climate crisis, NEJM, blacklist, Nuccitelli, China, India, 35% increase, unpredictable, January 1736
Feb 8, 2020 Project Syndicate, NAS, Nobel summit, life begets life, photosynthesis, CO2, tampering, surface data, COP26, Glasgow, Antarctic Peninsula, Clifford Ollier, Papua New Guinea, category pollutants, carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen dioxide, PM 10, PM 2.5, sulfur dioxide, ozone
Feb 1, 2020 Feynman, cult science, pseudoscience, fool yourself, separating ideas, scientific method, natural variation, USGCRP, no activity, concept of time, Manhattan, Pacific, acidic, human migration, US weather prediction, wines, 60% rule
Jan 25, 2020 Davos, Mead, Trump, Soros, EEI, ECS, TCR, US models, benefits, CO2, NEPA, WOTUS, 50 million gallons per day
Jan 18, 2020 Greenhouse effect, different results, atmosphere, surfaced, Christy, McNider, CERES, earth energy imbalance, ocean heat content, TCR, ECS, models, bushfires, 0.003
Jan 11, 2020 Green arrogance, Australia, Nevada, Virginia, greenhouse effect, CO2, methane, hurricanes, tropical cyclones, best of times, worst of times, solar and wind energy, fossil fuels, 16%
Jan 4, 2020 Science, dynamic, scientific method, Arctic warming, D-O events, Singer, cancer risk, LNT, Calabrese, fingerprints, 14°F - 28°F, Greenland
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