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Dec 28, 2019 Bertrand Russell, 1000 years, best decade, what is science, scientific method, Feynman, our world in data, natural disasters, death tolls, extreme weather, tropical cyclone, UN, climate crisis, fables not facts, scenarios, Pielke, energy poverty, increase in fish, desalination
Dec 21, 2019 Greenhouse effect, clouds, Lindzen, equatorial, polar, difference, volcanic activity, sensitivity, above 1.5C, Gore myth, Arrhenius, Milankovitch cycles, COP-25, wrong, modern famines, water, one part per trillion
Dec 14, 2019 Feynman, computations, observations, COP-25, war, UN, prosperity, rhetoric, physical evidence, Curry, Spencer, model guesses, Happer, methane, greenhouse warming, 20C
Dec 7, 2019 McIntyre, McKitrick, climategate, myths, PAGES2K, cherry-picking, CHIP6, COP-25, yellow (green) journalism, minus 89,000 p/d
Nov 30, 2019 Yellow, green, journalism, life, extremes, fear of CO2, Spencer, book, Iceland, tipping points, 63.6%, electricity
Nov 23, 2019 Future, status government, Spencer, protection insurance, dynamic, greenhouse effect, satellites, Venus, coral, fine fuels, NOAA, 110 million, drowning
Nov 16, 2019 Climategate, exonerate, Curry, McKitrick, academic game, shallow, authorities, scientific method, climate models, surface observations, hidden costs, renewables, negative pricing, $143 billion, ten years, subsidies
Nov 9, 2019 The Buck Stops Here, Truman, California control, public utilities, nature, models, IPCC, RCPs, AR5, AR6, Christy, observations, Pages 2K, Paris, down 66%, extreme poverty, up 16%, CO2, 0.01 ºC per year
Nov 2, 2019 Appropriate models, weather, climate, Mass, reanalysis, NACR-UCAR, JRA-55, model-land, groupthink, clouds, Russian Academy, IEA, California fires, 30 to 40 below average
Oct 26, 2019 Local media, surface data, D’Aleo, Hansen, ECS, Spencer, Lewis, Gregory, not trustworthy, observations, models, feedbacks, physical evidence, atmospheric temperature trends, Menton, California fires, PG&E, mandates, 31%, revenues, $1.1 trillion in savings
Oct 19, 2019 Grasping the universe, Einstein, NASA-GISS, audit, exponential sea level rise, control knob, US modeling efforts, climate limits, statistician, regulated utilities, 2352 cubic feet, 30 tons, smartphone
Oct 12, 2019 Svensmark, Western Mediterranean, NIPCC, CLOUD, CERN, greenhouse effect, uncertainty, top of atmosphere, Younger Dryas, rights, powers, California blackout, 4850%
Oct 5, 2019 Contradiction, retraction, IPCC, extreme scenarios, cryosphere, oceans, certainty, tipping points, 2300, what is science, Feynman, 64%
Sep 28, 2019 UN Children’s Climate Circus, climate crisis, Inuit, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, University of Rochester, teen brain, rights of the child, fluid dynamics, Nakamura, modeler, certainty, hollow 30% fewer labor-hours
Sep 21, 2019 French modelers, inflation, propaganda week, drone attack, resilience, oil, oceans, GBR, censorship, 250 outlets
Sep 14, 2019 Climate models, feedbacks, measurements, Soon, AGU, ice ages, EU, treaty, litigation, WMO, April Fools, Brazil, corn up 24%
Sep 7, 2019 prediction capability, models, TRCS, fallacy of predictions, scientific method, testing, observational method, UA modeling, NCAR, CESM1, NOAA, CDFL, hurricanes, April Fool’s, AOC, 2.1 million square miles, Amazon
Aug 31, 2019 Human influence, 10,000 years, clouds unknown, ISCCP, NASA, greenhouse effect, NCAR models, methane, UN, climate fears, Navy, Norfolk, AAAS, Mann, 6000 times more
Aug 24, 2019 Amazon, burning, greenhouse effect, NOAA, models, Charney, Oppenheimer, Oreskes, Mann, Idso, grid new rule, 116 stations, 1880
Aug 17, 2019 Solar cycle, censorship, forbes, Nir Shaviv, Nature, authority, teen brain, propaganda, hottest, Greenland, Homogenization, greenhouse effect
Aug 10, 2019 High standards, weather bureau, uncertainty, experiments, observations, volcanoes, AIRS, greenhouse effect, IPCC report, land degradation, vegetarian, reanalysis data, vehicles, green power, costs
Aug 3, 2019 Land areas, planet, hottest month, data, USCRN, India, 2000 years, Arctic warming
Jul 27, 2019 Challenger disaster, Feynman, scientific method, SEPP, climate models, ICCC-13, Peiser, EU, seeing the invisible, benefits of CO2, 1934
Jul 20, 2019 Feynman, uncertainty, scientific method, IPCC, USGCRP, 1.5C, debate, Singer, Younger Dryas, unprecedented, greenhouse effect, Charney, model validation, Christy, OA dynamic analysis, three ways, economics, physical health, mental health
Jul 13, 2019 Booker, groupthink, worst-case, greenhouse effect, libraries, microbes, methane, medieval warm period, clouds, infrared, spectroscopy, agriculture, 11 to 48,000 deaths, pm2.5
Jul 6, 2019 Kepler’s laws, Feynman, puzzles, greenhouse effect, models, green fantasies, wind, solar, standards, NASA-GISS, soybeans, USGCRP, NCA4
Jun 29, 2019 Greenhouse effect, molecular spectroscopy, logarithmic, science, slogan, medical groups, standards, wsj, Bordeaux, 2.34 mmb/d.
Jun 22, 2019 Greenhouse effect, simple physics, Van Wijngaarden, Christy, current atmosphere, national academies, climate models, extreme calm, 1ºC.
Jun 15, 2019 The Right Climate Stuff, AGW, Happer, greenhouse effect, Spencer, freezing, sea level rise, 10 trillion, disappearing CO2, trilobite, secret science, zero, Paris agreement
Jun 1, 2019 Washington’s Farewell Address, factions, spirit of party, attack on science, Montford, Christy, Curry, Ball, greenhouse effect, saturation, Antarctic warming, NASA-GISS, Mitchell, 40 zettabytes
May 25, 2019 Atmospheric layers, Christy, GWPF, McNider, Hansen, models, McKitrick, erroneous method, water vapor, phantom evidence, photosynthesis, Cook, Apple, NOAA, storms, 5 million tonnes per annum (MTPA) of LNG, energy models, assumptions
May 18, 2019 Happer, AMO, electromagnetic radiation, Guardian, climate science denier, Nature, children, teen brain, greenhouse effect, benefits, multicellular life, Svensmark, cosmic rays, Mills, information infrastructure, 415 ppm, Round-up
May 11, 2019 Schneider, honest science, IPBES, Watson, Mann, Landsat, CO2, benefits, Arrhenius, Milankovitch, Tyndall, modern sensors, AIRS, nighttime temperatures, slight warming, El Niño frequencies, uncertainty, Paltridge, need, value, 0.05ºC in 25 years,
Apr 27, 2019 Lost science, computer experiments, Barcelona, change in estimates, UAH data, OLR, greenhouse effect 500 deaths
Apr 20, 2019 Ridd, intellectual freedom, corals, pH, block hole, testing, Rapp, greenhouse effect, increasing sensitivity, weather models, 4300 deaths, corn
Apr 13, 2019 History, little ice age, industrial revolution, Kerry, changing climate, Arctic, ocean acidification, symbiotic relationship, measurement, black body radiation, 2 inches per century, 7 to 8 inches per century, Hansen, exponential, reverse hockey-stick
Apr 6, 2019 Surface, atmosphere, Australia, Spencer, tropopause, adjustments, precipitation, urban heat island, UHI, Watts, Stevens, models, predictions, greenhouse effect, absorption capability, Columbia, Hansen, executive agreement, order, 44.6429%, 0.0125%
Mar 30, 2019 Belief, science, political, greenhouse effect, cirrus clouds, water vapor, IPCC, worst case, new energy, 100 times more, H2O
Mar 23, 2019 Lindzen, letter, Trump, independent commission, hard evidence, models, atmosphere, monitoring atmosphere, science fiction, Stalinist, independent commission, Mann, greenhouse effect, gases, concentrations, water vapor, dry air, prairie flooding, 100% renewable
Mar 16, 2019 Mörner, seas, Happer, Hayden, qualified, AMO, greenhouse effect, emissivity, molecular motion, Curry, hurricanes, 26%, emissions
Mar 9, 2019 NOAA, seas, questions, national security, patriots, US resources, biofuels, Happer, different letter, Arrhenius, hurricanes, Curry, German auto industry, 220 times, global warming papers
Mar 2, 2019 Nature, realistic, Santer, certainty, Motl, Happer, clouds, greenhouse effect, modtran, hitran, 56 million, 99.99997% certainty
Feb 23, 2019 Puccini, suspend realism, critical thinking, satellite data, surface, cause, minor warming, cause, greater warming, greenhouse effect, hurricanes, observations, €7 billion
Feb 16, 2019 Infrared Radiation, green new deal, Marshall Plan, Vietnam, New York, Pennsylvania, California rail, atmospheric data, $425 billion plus back-up
Feb 9, 2019 Roger Andrews, daily storage, seasonal storage, California, Green New Deal, reliable and consistent, ARRA, high speed rail, fiscal stimulus, jobs, 1935 Federal Power Act, New Deal, predictions, Gray, Dutch Climate Intelligence, Ponton, 1.4 million b/d, Venezuela
Feb 2, 2019 Influence of Greenhouse Gasses, hot spot, weather engine, Kiehl and Trenberth, misconceptions, roles, relationships, El Nino cooling, Weatherbell, polar vortex, Midwest, hot, cold, evidence, Crichton, Christy, lessons from banking, 5.7%, NOAA stations
Jan 26, 2019 Observations, theory, hot spot, Dyson, nature, tribal loyalty, understanding climate, predicting climate, Karl, disclaimer, ocean heat content, Curry, internal variability, EIA, 2020, 250 Million MW short.
Jan 19, 2019 Weather engine, Trenberth, Kiehl, McKitrick, Charney, DMI, water vapor, AMS, economists, ocean heat content, Antarctic warming, cooling, #3
Jan 12, 2019 Types of energy flow, CO2, water vapor, Charney, atmospheric warming, quantifying error, energy budget, royal meteorological society, stagnant science, Shiviv, Sahara, averaging errors, Pacific cooling, water management, Teheran, zero tornadoes
Jan 5, 2019 20, 40 and 60 years, Spencer, Christy, formulating the problem, NCA4, USGCRP, Curry, Sahara, Lamb, NIPCC, electricity costs, UK, US, sue government, green war profiteers, hindcast, 10% less v. 50% less
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