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The Week That Was (TWTW) Archives

Date of TWTW Key Topics in this TWTW
Dec 18, 2021 University of Bern, climate-friendly behaviour, Cortex, Moore, tornadoes, thank you Russia, big green, big science, hit the wall, $40 million more
Dec 11, 2021 Cliff Mass, Happer, climate models, prediction, spectroscopy, Clutz, radiosonde datasets, Christy, greenhouse gases, creating problems, energy policy, fact checkers, tornadoes, 15 states
Dec 4, 2021 One percent, Happer, convection, radiation, climate frenzy, Peiser, realization of cost, vacuous reports, ocean plastics, national academies, solar power, utility scale examples, flying blind, creating truth, 40%
Nov 27, 2021 Machine learning, Soon, thermal radiation, Science Advances, Essex, HITRAN, Atlantic waters, Yangtze delta, CLINTEL, load balancing, herd, Biden, 4300 years ago
Nov 20, 2021 COP 26, IPCC, India, China, Biden, Mead, sham, failure, UK, Soon, sun, AR6, technical summary, machine learning, patterns, Bayesian statistics, red team, DOD, Steele, 99.9%
Nov 13, 2021 Glasgow, IPCC, accurate measurements, climate science, Sheahen, HITRAN, Hayden, Stefan-Boltzmann, Venus, 2,3%, 20 to 25%
Nov 6, 2021 Glasgow, COP 26, no shows, Sternberg, Xi, methane, climate, Wijngaarden, Happer, Stefan-Boltzmann law, the trick, McIntyre, Rapp, standardization period, dangerous bureaucracies, Dears, Parkinson’s Law, T. Rex, one trillion
Oct 30, 2021 COP-26, UNFCCC, Paris Agreement, model convergence, Mass, model deficiencies, Michaels, Legates, Courtney, Climategate, MGT, 31 years
Oct 23, 2021 CO2, importance, humanity, McKitrick, optimal fingerprinting, GWPF, IPCC, failure to test, cost, build back better, US government, non-science, 20 years
Oct 16, 2021 Heartland Conference
Oct 9, 2021 Science societies, Royal Society, climate models, Nobel prize, CO2, natural variation, McKitrick, Motl, bias, Johnson, AR6, Curry, corals, Antarctica, 0.12 °C per Decade
Oct 2, 2021 Reality, greenhouse effect, Charney Report, reality, China card, censorship, misleading parliament, average, reefs, colors, 0.14 °C per Decade
Sep 25, 2021 Lindzen, skeptics, shortcomings, two cultures, eugenics, UN, four freedoms, scientific inquiry, pogo-stick power, $11 billion
Sep 18, 2021 McIntyre, PAGES2k, AR6, SPM, UN, propaganda, Pogo-stick power, Europe, BPA, 68.3%
Sep 11, 2021 McIntyre, AR6, alkenone, Facebook, Connolly, censorship, trust in science, Oreskes, Essex, DDP, Marohasy, Great Barrier Reef, Biden energy policy, 16
Sep 4, 2021 AR6, SPM, McIntyre, 0 to 30 S, PAGES, data, Medieval Warm Period, funding, spectroscopy, HITRAN, institutional science, natural variation, Ida, Katrina, blame, 30-foot (9-meter) bank
Aug 28, 2021 AR6, SPM, PAGES, McIntyre, peer review, false certainty, event attribution, optimal fingerprinting, McKitrick, generalized least squares, GLS, pogo-stick power, missing, 97%
Aug 21, 2021 AR6, hockey-stick, McIntyre, PAGES, solar uncertainty, confirmation, atmospheric temperatures, McKitrick, UNICEF, 2101, 1.1°C (2°F)
Aug 14, 2021 AR6, physical science, questions, model testing, Boeing, PAGES2K, new hockey-stick, SPM, hot spot, McIntyre, 175 years
Aug 7, 2021 Observation, philosophy, institution, Ridley, conformity, pessimistic, Science, AR-6, physical science, Whitehouse, big battery, critical minerals, great melt, Florida, root cause analysis, The Jackson, 38%, BPA
Jul 31, 2021 Scientific Integrity
Jul 24, 2021 Ahr river, floods, droughts, FAR, Mass, pogo stick, Bethell, Great Coral Reef, acidic oceans, Holocene cooling, tree lines, 1804
Jul 17, 2021 Fit for 55, green shackles, Klaus, 23 out of 25, failure to correct, integrity, FAR, heatwave, World Weather, pogo stick power, dam removal, up 39.2% by 2021
Jul 10, 2021 Heatwave, Wiese, Mass, greenhouse gas, no predictability, coldwave, China, attribution, exaggeration, fault, orders of magnitude, pogo stick power, Kenyon, 1000 times
Jul 3, 2021 Abolition of slavery, Mass, proof, Rossby waves, Pacific northwest, heatwave, global temperature trends, June, Tom Wysmuller, TRCS, HadCRUIT, surface temperatures, sea level rise, programming error, pogo stick power, BPA, wildfire threat, science integrity, Biden, cooling climate, 1 to 2°F out of 30 to 40°F
Jun 26, 2021 Doublethink, CERES, Loeb, Venus, runaway greenhouse, Hayden, bubble burst, New York, extreme heat, Northwest, Miami, 33 years,
Jun 19, 2021 CERES, 1997, Spencer, Christy, IPCC, EIA, dispatchable, transmission, HVDC, color, hydrogen, COP, down 0.1%, up 15%
Jun 12, 2021 Scientific American, mistakes, Koonin, red team review, Santer, Spencer, models, academic science, scientific method, zero, EF number
May 29, 2021 Koonin, APS, transcript, Sandia, verification, validation, ice cores, grid scale storage, Essex, $3 Trillion
May 22, 2021 Tyndall, absorption, radiation, NIST, Coblentz, Koonin, carbon cult, intellectual honesty, geometry, PM2.5, Young, environmental justice, SCC, $18 trillion, zero
May 15, 2021 Biden, D’Aleo, ENSO oceans PDO, AMO, solar cycles, Bastardi, control knob, carbon cult, greenhouse effect, sustainable, IEA, minerals, mining, Curry, books, Arctic melt, Greenland, 42 times, indulgences
May 8, 2021 China, Biden, CO2 restrictions, extreme poverty, World Bank, Our World in Data, Kerry, leadership, climate crisis, Happer, Curry, UNFCCC, Koonin, methane, NOAA, fish behavior, 92,000 years ago, censorship
May 1, 2021 Error, conforming, Sagan, AR2, Seitz, tropics, stability, Lindzen, prosperity, Biden, energy plan, damage, radiation transfer, pandemic, 1957, 400 central parks
Apr 24, 2021 Sagan, scientific method, Lindzen, Happer, Spencer, dragon, Biden, Vietnam, pentagon papers, solar cycles, 13, D’Aleo
Apr 17, 2021 Feynman, crusaders, Lindzen, Happer, Jenkins, Koonin, omission, NOAA, hyperbole, reality, Lovelock, Antarctica, balance, subsidies, UK, US, 3.6% Russian Roulette
Apr 10, 2021 Russian roulette, Feynman, Challenger, CO2, logarithmic, diminishing sunlight, reflecting sunlight, Charney Report, vapor pressure, Wiese, CEPEX, greenhouse effect, subsidies, economics of reliable generation, ENSO, 1 in 100,000
Apr 3, 2021 NASA, shuttle, Challenger, investigation, Feynman, reports, TWTW comment, Doiron, climate crisis, energy budget, 5%, infrastructure
Mar 27, 2021 John Tyndall, heat, motion, greenhouse effect, Happer, breath, troposphere, Planck, Schwarzschild, HITRAN, Hayden, infrared radiation, strong case, deadly policy, Fukushima, 13%, models, natural variability
Mar 20, 2021 Eisenhower, scientific-technological elite, statesmen, climate crisis, green dreams, not to know, willful ignorance, nightmares, energy transitions, Smil, Europe, North America, Asia, hydrogen to carbon ration, energy density, pillars of modern civilization, physical realities, energy rights, 73%, authoritarian
Mar 13, 2021 Fred Singer, CO2, aerosol balance, Courtney, ESC, GIGO, more balancing, hemispheres, low ESC, Mann, AMO, Curry, AMOC, China, Svante Arrhenius, 120-year-old error, EPA, courts, 5.28 billion tonnes (11,640 billion pounds).
Mar 6, 2021 Unknowns knowns, Curry, Nordhaus, right to mistrust, exaggerate, effective, hot talk, ECS, aerosols, clouds, cmip6, Lewis, grid sizes, one-sided accounting, SCC, 90%, phantom capacity
Feb 27, 2021 No reserves, ECORT, phantom power, cold emergencies, nyet, sea level rise, 4 gw short
Feb 20, 2021 Unknown unknowns, myth, Texas, California, ERCOT, reliable, 99.9%, evidence, two markets, operational, capacity, extreme conditions, blackouts, grid operators, auctions, Dears, fake proof, Pile, 70% undependable
Feb 13, 2021 Transparency, integrity, Biden, EPA, endangerment finding, myths, PM2.5, surface temperature data, phase change, Lincoln, knowledge, compassion, 20%
Feb 6, 2021 Kennedy, afraid of its people, censorship, UN, climate establishment, Christy, CLINTEL, CMIP-6, radiative transfer, Russia, state of the world, down one-third, hurricanes
Jan 30, 2021 Endangerment finding, legally binding, treaty, Paris agreement, changing science, Curry, costs and benefits, bandwagon, China energy, thermal
Jan 23, 2021 Schneider, logarithmic, exponential, IPCC, radiation transfer, benefits, greenhouse, Coe, HITRAN, climate sensitivity, Essex, UHI, treaty, 6.3 times
Jan 16, 2021 Nature, conformity, Legates, climate models, predict, time, Essex, constant proportionality, climate sensitivity, control, falsified, defining, identification, Courtney, Pentagon Papers, ocean ecosystems, Steele, 12.8%, hottest year
Jan 9, 2021 Nine essays, Office of Science and Technology Policy, National Assessments, Changing Sun, ice ages, general circulation, radiation transfer, hurricanes, surface temperatures, faith, climate change, transparency, EPA, Arctic, primary productivity
Jan 2, 2021 Humility, lessons learned, USGS, testing, pollution, Climategate, grasses, 2000 years
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