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Date of TWTW Key Topics in this TWTW
Dec 22, 2018 Macaulay, quote, UN secretary-general, COP-24, ambition, Spencer, five questions, Bates, deficiencies, IPCC, SR1.5, lines of evidence, climate model tuning, selling fear, Greenpeace, EPA rules, coal, 50% increase in efficiency
Dec 15, 2018 COP24, press release, blame, finger pointing, solar, wind, surface temperature data, problems, Lewis, climate sensitivity, concepts, chaotic motion, oceans, scientific method, verification, validation, censorship, Mass, Brown, corn, soybeans, 0% since 2005
Dec 8, 2018 Nir Shaviv, drivers, not consequences, rate of change, sea levels, sun, Svensmark, atmosphere, WMO, 97%, oil find, Simon abundance index, biological plasticity, minus 211,000 bbd
Dec 1, 2018 Singer, old school, evidence free, predictions, knowledge, USGCRP, NCA, ignorance, hiatus, sea level rise, test, Midwest, central Brazil, economic crash, Jenkins, Koonin, engineering, grid, IESIS, complex uncertainty, generators, effect, system. passenger airplane, safety, sea levels, NOAA, 42 billion barrels, models, adjust.
Nov 24, 2018 USGRCP, prophecies, COP-24, human-cause, natural-cause, 13 government agencies, NOAA, Trump, slow-roll, hard evidence, no deficiencies, agriculture productivity, calorie content, IQA, ages, UK, climate change act, correcting errors, energy transformation, $1,096/MWh, 22 times
Nov 17, 2018 Correcting errors, Spencer, Christy, Lewis, California, fires, 120 years, road diet, public safety, sun spots, space weather, thermosphere, CO2 cause, databases, monopoly, Dominion, offshore, $51.2 billion in subsidies
Nov 10, 2018 Freeman Dyson, evidence, Goklany, 1978, DOE, Charney, 1982 second report, US Fourth Assessment, rebuttal, sea levels, missing heat, wind control, Germany, Virginia SCC, 26 times
Nov 3, 2018 El Niño, clouds, Lindzen, Clive Best, verification, discrepancy, UAH, RSS, NOAA, WV, IPCCC, SR1.5, definition, methodology, footnotes, cost of electricity, generation, consumers, 8%
Oct 27, 2018 Biased, speculative thinking, government policy, Lindzen, Allison, Sheahen, water vapor, trace gases, CAFÉ, CO2 emissions, oil, natural gas, comments, speculation, models, Muller, LNT, Calabrese, electric vehicles, efficiency, subsidies, New York litigation, Exxon, PAGES2k, €424 million in ten years, CCS
Oct 20, 2018 Specific problems, IPCC, New Zealand, models, defects, hollow, water vapor, diminishing, greenhouse warming potential, human control, Peiser, Volkswagen, HadCRUIT, deficient data, Nordhaus, 20 years
Oct 13, 2018 Lindzen, IPCC, UNFCCC, climate system, turbulent fluids, earth in balance, water phases, greenhouse substances, water vapor, clouds, natural variation, popular narrative, perturbation, energy budget, data coverage, poor data, special report, SR1.5, Indian Hunters, herd mentality, 2%
Oct 6, 2018 NIPCC, fossil fuels, Paris agreement, BP oil spill, NOAA, homogenizing, National Research Council, Nierenberg, merchants of doubt, Supreme Court, Stevens, endangerment finding, 759 tornadoes
Sep 29, 2018 30 years, IPCC, hypothesis test, Bert Bolin, Arrhenius, surface pressure, electricity costs, Germany, Antarctic melt, sea level rise, $90,000 per day
Sep 22, 2018 Arrhenius, McKitrick-Christy, hypothesis, CMIP5, linear trend, logarithmic, Charney, Jason, Santer, Lewin, infrared radiation, CO2 observatories, Mills, smartphones, grid, 94
Sep 15, 2018 Core hypothesis, climate models, IPCC, faults, test, measurability, specificity, independence, uniqueness, Charney, four advantages, atmospheric layer, CO2 concentration, Jason, weaknesses, water vapor, optical depth, Happer, state AGs, rent, Rapp, Florence, shipping LNG
Sep 8, 2018 Happer, NYT mag, JASON, CO2 Coalition, theology, COP24, Clexit, Ball, Australia, electricity, Vegan electricity, ninety trillion
Sep 1, 2018 Valuable question, DARPA, Christy, 0.096K per decade, 80%, issues, Supreme Court, Oppenheimer, Environmental Defense Fund, McCain, California 100%, 470,000 b/d, April Fools Award, Lisa Jackson double subsidies
Aug 18, 2018 EPA, transparency, regulatory science, Harvard, $5 billion, six cities, SEPP, Laos, global greening, dumb energy, DDP, $43 billion
Aug 11, 2018 Heartland conference, oil myths, fungible, Gulf of Mexico, regulation, Alaska, Seitz award, 20th century warming, Arctic ice, hothouse, NYT Magazine, agriculture production, methane, 2303 birds; 18 sea turtles, 10 mammals; and 0 other reptiles, ecological disaster
Aug 4, 2018 Group think, Charney report, Wunsch, characteristics, NYT mag, settled science, Spencer, Christy, satellite trends, history, telescope, Seitz award, observations, measurements, LADWP, 50 million gallons a day, Carlsbad, Tidewater
Jul 28, 2018 Changing climate, cultures, group think, Curry, Charney, Wunsch, IPCC, models, quest for knowledge, speculation, evidence, Seitz Award, chartmanship, One per one-hundred thousand? Over 70 years?
Jul 21, 2018 Sea level rise, exponential, Hansen, Greenland, Antarctica, ice shelfs, Mark Twain, sea surface temperatures, Hoecht, geologic time, Lamb, lobby, legal tactic, Baltimore, toxins, EPA, California, LNG, 7 Thousand Years
Jul 14, 2018 Sea level rise, hockey-sticks, icons, IPCC reports, false analogies, renewable energy, imagines, oil productions, legal issues, 3 mmb/d
Jul 7, 2018 Pruitt, Obama, alternative energy, hidden costs, myth of clean power, cover-up, Kennedy, actual and imminent, hard evidence, Rhode Island, sea levels, NOAA, solutions, public nuisance, public benefit, lower nutrients, #1 Sector
Jun 30, 2018 Sea level rise, three points, glacial isostatic adjustment, GIA, NC, dismissed, Oakland, Glomar Explorer, nuclear winter, tidal power, $3/mmbtu,
Jun 23, 2018 Lindzen, knowledge, mathematics, sea level, models, politized science, Hansen, Lewin, Charney, models, NOAA, NASA, Spencer, AAAS. EDF. WSJ, methane warming, Sheahen, subsidy success, electrical engineers, transmission, stable, costs, $5 Billion per year, tax credits
Jun 16, 2018 Vincent Gray, Geological Society of London, debate, solar wind, East Antarctica, eight million years, West Antarctica, externalities, social costs, solar and wind, underground electricity lines, BP Energy Review, 3%
Jun 9, 2018 Induction, falsehood, Hayward, Smil, Moore’s Law, miniaturization, delusions, Paris, bay cities, Oakland, sea levels, cost-benefit, $14,000 MWH
May 26, 2018 Russell, swans, verification, meaning, knowledge, mathematics, Christy, Charney, models, hollow, sea level rise, Singer, standing, transparency, censorship, James Cook U. bay cities, right questions, Germany, 721 authors, chosen few
May 19, 2018 Tuchman, Singer, sea level, constant, accelerating, NOAA, NASA, hockey-stick, folly, long-term predictions, Wallace, PDO, McKitrick, WWI, strategy, human follies, transparency, air conditioning, 18
May 12, 2018 Ball, water vapor, models, data, orbital drift, endangerment finding, inertia, bureaucratic science, USGCRP, Wallace, model testing, MEI, ENSO, linear trends, beliefs, character, Schneiderman, green 20, Martin Act, UNFCCC, 11.9 b/d, 220% increase
May 5, 2018 Four reasons, pricing mechanism, Hirth, Andrews, oil and gas, Wirth, 3.4 times
Apr 28, 2018 Theory, water vapor, National Association of Scholars, logic, methodology, data, extraneous data, EPA, amplify, values, Charney, IPCC, theoretical basis, empirical basis, reproducibility, Lewis, Curry, uncertainty, Spencer, infill, stagnant science, secret science, DDT, whiplash, 3 billion
Apr 21, 2018 Transparency, reproducibility, speculation, knowledge, National Association of Scholars, PM2.5, LNT, p-values, noble lie, generation resilience, bomb cyclone, renewables, CO2 cooling, plastic pollution, 12 days
Apr 14, 2018 Trends, warming, bulk atmosphere, Christy, forecast, variation, internal, external, Lehr, exponential functions, sea level rise, NASA-GISS, NOAA, New Zealand, Royal Society, NAS, real threats, PJM, sustainable energy, clean coal, China, $1.00, Snake River, BPA
Apr 7, 2018 Singer, adjusting data, NOAA, UAH, doubling, 2, 190 years, Lindzen, Exxon, secret science, Seitz, Oakland amended filing, SEPP, Myles Allen, reverse osmosis, Pruitt, junk electricity, 0.013%
Mar 31, 2018 California litigation, Monckton, Charney, Spencer, modelers, language, concepts, sciences, ZOD, IPCC, two weeks
Mar 24, 2018 California litigation, three profs, Chevron, 4 statements, El Nino, Eemian, just physics, tuning, unique solution, starting point, insufficient, understanding and data, models unfit, Spencer, energy equilibrium, bond disclosures, externalities, up 1.4%, emissions
Mar 17, 2018 Group think, bureaucratic science, harm, NASA, USGCRSP, EPA, evidence, deliberate ignorance, eight questions, litigation, Ball, natural gas, renewable energy, 27.5 times, subsidies
Mar 10, 2018 Feynman, useful concept, bureaucratic science, Doiron, NASA, Challenger, standards of evidence, Oakland, SEPP, evidence, direct, indirect, physical, bureaucratic, source of heat, methane, AR-5, radiative forcing, CH4, Helm report, UK, Zero, 0
Mar 3, 2018 Feynman, Booker, bureaucratic science, Challenger, Jenkins, uncertainty, Spencer, climate stasis, Russian influence, scary, cube, 750,000 pairs
Feb 24, 2018 Groupthink, Booker, certainty, intolerance, Christy, IPCC, USGCRP, Spencer model, endangerment finding, hard evidence, municipalities, Epstein, fashion statement, alternative facts, AAAS, Science Mag, miracle of numbers, statistics, South Australia, stable, grid, 1%
Feb 17, 2018 Munk, extrapolation, sea level, hockey-stick, satellite, Curry, NOAA, budget, green climate fund, NEPA, Obama, Katrina, Arctic, methane, mercury, AAAS, 3400%, eight years
Feb 10, 2018 Eisenhower, farewell address, nation’s scholars, false intelligence, ruse, Pas de Calais, surface temperatures, proxy, USGCRP, models, White, Science, Pangloss, sea level, Tuvalu, Climate Institute, MacCracken, ozone, tourist industry, litigation issues, university climate change coalition, 10.2 mb/d
Feb 3, 2018 39 years, data, atmosphere, NOAA, NASA, solar changes, Holocene, Chinese Academy of Sciences, solar cycles, climate change, one model, Nature, Svensmark, Science, CEI, State of the Union, 16%, UNFCCC
Jan 27, 2018 Skepticism, Dr. Desmond-Hellman, Greenland, geothermal, Antarctica, sea-levels, Kopp, Ball, ice cores, Coleman, litigation, securities act, solar cheap, green fleet, three years, ENSO
Jan 20, 2018 Energy dissipation, atmosphere, greenhouse effect, IR, William Gray, negative feedback, water vapor, ocean overturning, surface temperatures, NYC, litigation, minus 88
Jan 13, 2018 Poison, LNT, model, PM2.5, Sheahen, climate sensitivity, denominators, Shaviv, NYC, State of Washington, 77%
Jan 6, 2018 Weather, Weatherbell, Lewin, IPCC, scientific novel, sea level, test, 90 years, AMS, tidewater, Svensmark, other influences, energy storage, offshore drilling, students, 1.5%
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