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The Week That Was (TWTW) Archives

Date of TWTW Key Topics in this TWTW
Dec 26, 2009
Dec 19, 2009
Dec 12, 2009
Dec 5, 2009
Nov 25, 2009
Nov 14, 2009 APS; CPH money; Consensus2; W-M and housing; Sen Baucus balks; Indian reservations; C& T kills ecology; David King condemns scaremongering; Big bucks for GW research; Mark Steyn; Scaring the kiddies
Nov 7, 2009 VA elections; No AGW consensus; C & T vs Natl Security-RADM Carey; Homes unsalable; Golf cart stimulus; Gaia's oil spills; Climate hysteria history-Booker
Oct 31, 2009 COP stumbles on int'l subsidies; hockeystick rebirth?; Green world govt; Grun Energie--RWI; SEJ ltr; Katrina trial lawyers; C & T for babies?
Oct 24, 2009 CPH=global governance; no post-1998 wmg; CBO documents cost of C T; CPH: no time left, no money; Katrina tort case;
Oct 17, 2009
Oct 10, 2009 EPA bluff; Bangkok bust; UNEP uses GISS; Tree ring flap; C & T favors corp; Kerry lauds recession; Climate data, IPCC disagree; Need for nuclear energy
Oct 3, 2009 Boxer-Kerry; EPA tries GHG curtailment; UNEP climate report; CT vs AEP etal; Climate alarmism; EC vs EU court; Tree ring scandal; Boxer pays off GE; Gore pays off Fisker
Sep 19, 2009 CPH conflicts; Climate oscillations critique; EPA illegal limits; W-M's C & T=Command-control; pre-CPH doom; solar PV emits CO2; Climate frcstng dubious; No 'thermageddon'; Lomborg an IPCC nonskeptic
Sep 5, 2009 Senate postpones C & T vote; 'Cooling Reversal' dubious; VA elections important; EPA ignores CAA; Report from India; Oil sands; CH4-->MeOH; N2O vs O3
Aug 29, 2009 Chamber Petition to EPA; GSA Climate Statement; 'Clean' coal myths; C & T kills refiners; Gas-methanol catalyst; Moneymaker Gore;
Aug 15, 2009 Australia rejects C & T; US senators balk at S-1462; Sticky climate science problems; Questions for townhall mtngs; Real C & T costs; VA-Nov2009; Misplaced climate hysteria
Aug 8, 2009 PETM event; Reds turn into Greens; Jairam Ramesh; Wind energy problems; GW treason?; New GW paradigm
Jul 25, 2009 Ltr to Nature; Human heat input insignificant; Support for WCI shrinking; EPAs Carlin; Leaning on China; Air-Ocean temp; SL rise reduced; "Climate Caper" "GW False Alarm"
Jul 18, 2009 G8-IPA realism vs WP spin; Modern vs Medieval science; EPA cover-up; C & T dead end; CBO cost estimates; AB32 costs; Pro electric cars; Folly of UK wind parks
Jul 11, 2009 G-8 commands climate stop warming; VA election Nov 2009; Overcoming next ice age; Hansen blasts W-M; Goldman-Sachs v CFTC; Open Letter to Congress; Peak-Oil solves climate problem
Jul 4, 2009 CO2 air capture; HR 2454 = corporate welfare; No climate crisis but much debate; Dueling letters to Congress; Ltr to Phys & Soc; Due diligence in Australia; 50 Piggish Delights
Jun 20, 2009 EU and China talks but no results; Scary WH climate report panned; Governors turn skeptical; Emission scenarios vs fossil reserves; Media credibility vs ice/glacier facts
Jun 13, 2009 Its Archive is: HR2454 on hold: Courting China='MissionImpossible'; Negative climate feedback; GOP energy plan; UKIP climate sceptics beat Labour; False claims about wind
Jun 6, 2009 NIPCC:Climate Change Reconsidered; SLrise: IPCC vs deLange; Feldstein on C & T; Allegre; Ethanol costs; Chevy Volt
May 23, 2009 ACES-HR2454; WAIS- SLrise; C & T bogus models; EPA's EF hearing; Climate-industrial complex; Is GW bad?
May 16, 2009 EPA Endangerment Finding upset by OMB memo; W & M bill Cap & Tax opposed by enviros; Canada objects to draft law; Yucca Mtn defunded; Folly of CarbonCapture & Burial
Apr 18, 2009 EPA Endangerment v. Waxman-Markey; Obama turns cautious?; Biofuels --> N2O; Feed-in tariff is bad idea; Big Oil abandons alternate energy; Hype on polar sea ice; Inconvenient film: Not evil, just wrong
Apr 11, 2009 Waxman-Markey vs EPA; IPCC curve-fitting; Black Carbon and Dust; 100 scientists vs Obama; Hype breeds skepticism; Green jobs_Spanish experience
Apr 4, 2009 EPA endangerment finding; 1500-yr cycle; GeoWill flap; Who pays for C & T; Response to Krupp; Mismanaging risk; UN climate plan; UN Greens want billions
Mar 21, 2009 Heartland-ICCC; SL hype; Holdren; Carbon offset scams; Everyone hates ethanol; La Natura
Mar 7, 2009 Dems vs C & T; GeoWill flap; Yucca zeroed out; Hansen vs Capitol powerplant
Feb 28, 2009 3 EPA moves; C& T carbon tax; Inhofe on Obama speech; IBD oped; Japan science vs UN; CO2 and health
Feb 14, 2009 Holdren confirmation; C-B analysis of GW; Stimulus won't work; Irish envir minister; Solar power tower
Feb 7, 2009 Chu's scary press conference; 'Antarctic warming' dies; Lessons from Europe on GW; Cal economic suicide; EU Parliament speech--Helmer; Lovelock against C & T
Jan 31, 2009 EPA waiver for Cal Car emissions; PNAS_Millennial CO2 effects; WashPost prefers energy tax to C &T; EPA will rule; Brazil drills; the Goracle at the Senate
Jan 24, 2009 Obama promises; Antarctic warming not real--"Mann"-made; Green jobs?; SB_CA oil revenues?; delayed nuclear waste disposal; Questions for Obama's science guy; Shaman Jim Hansen
Jan 17, 2009 Nuclear fuel; Browner connections; Happer; Carbon tax; GW&disease; IPCC turf protection;Japanese realists;
Jan 10, 2009 IPCC-TAR doctoring; Obama WH split on GW? SL rise just normal; Labohm;Caruba; Brignell
Jan 3, 2009 Detroit bailout; UAH v RSS; GW debate change in 2008; Calif Diesel emissions; C & T in Europe; IPCC lead authors skeptical
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