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The Week That Was (TWTW) Archives

Date of TWTW Key Topics in this TWTW
Dec 30, 2006 Energy fears--IASTED; SL-Rahmstorf-FAZ; Monckton-- Hansen 1988; IPCC science- Pachauri, Hansen; Econ poll on IPCC; Polar bear data; Eos debate- AAPG, Crichton, Corbett; CO2 control UK; Skeptics attacked; Motl on 2006; Smart Penguin
Dec 23, 2006 SupremeCt--Mass lacks standing; Monckton challenges Sen Rockef/Snowe; Inhofe comment; Energy security report--Smith/Kelley; DDT vs AIDS; Book reviews Rahn/Hayden; French Green tax; Smoky Polonium bomb; Dingell interview; Kyoto scam in China
Dec 16, 2006 Rockefeller /Snowe muzzle Exxon; while NYT complains about WH muzzling; EPA unions want CO2 reg; New books--Goklany, Horner, Saunders review; Inhofe Ranking Minority EPW; EU tries to force CO2 regulation
Dec 2, 2006 Kyoto gimmicks and  profits; Nairobi COP; NY Sun; Rahn; Inhofe; Hoggan problem; Supreme Ct editorials.
Nov 18, 2006 GW slurs; GW trade war; Carter-O'Brien; Gore-Prelutsky
Nov 11, 2006 GW science: NY Sun and  PAW; GW econ: Monckton, Samuelson, Reisman; Mitigation: Angel
Nov 4, 2006 Stern report- pro and  con: Gray, Lawson, Lomborg, The Business; Tropics impacts; Labohm, Seitz
Oct 28, 2006 Stern critique  by Singer; Royal Society; flunks science; CCSP in WSJ, Geotimes, Eos; Stopping coming ice age; Inhofe is right-Deming, Saunders; Spiked on climate denial.
Jul 29, 2006 Santa Fe Conf; Antarctic cooling; Hockeystick-Wegman; 1975 ice age; CO2-AGW; Hurricane obs-Landsea,NZ scientists rebel; EPA junk science; Cal vs automakers; Gore and lawnmowers
Jul 22, 2006 Nuclear option; Wegman-McIntyre hearing;Arctic aerosols;SL-Avery; Brokaw critique; UK Energy policy; DDT appeal; ETS-Surg-Gnl; Gore 2008
Jul 15, 2006 Nuclear fuel reprocessing; Thorium, Dioxin-NAS; Mass. vs EPA; Hockeystick dead: data , NAS; Wegman
Jul 8, 2006 InconvenientTruth-Samuelson; Gaia revenge -BBC; Lomborg-Bolton; Linden-Parade; Supremes-CO2; Waxman-GH control bill; EU fails Kyoto; EPA control of H2O? Lupo on El Nino; Brignell-GW disasters
Jul 1, 2006 Carbon best friend;ETSmoke;OCS oil; EPA over-regulates; Trend fallacies; Coal back in Europe >; Hockeystick-NAS; Gorey truths; ABC's GW poll
Jun 24, 2006 Consensus-Corcoran; NAS-Hockeystick; Gore 2008 WT editorial; Altman ltr-WSJ; Arctic smog; Arctic tropical 55my BP; Driessen-Congress screws up energy;Deming oil forecast;MarcAntony speech-Caesar climate cycles
Jun 17, 2006 Gore in 2008-GeoWill; Critiques of Gore movie-Avery, Saunders, Harris; Questions for Gore; Easterbrook epiphany
Jun 10, 2006 IPCC-FAR critique; comments on Gorey movie; Solar influence on climate;Katrina not from GW; Quotes on SL; Emission trading fiasco; Greenpeace lays nuclear egg
Jun 3, 2006 Gore movie-Easterbrook.Randall, Milloy; Lovelock apocalypse; Greens vs NOAA; Wind-Zycher; Arctic 55my ago; PBS interview update;
May 27, 2006 InconvenientTruth-- Balling,Spencer; Critics and Worriers; Critique of IPCC-AR4
May 20, 2006 Motl-Climate sensitivity; MWP in Gnld; Polar bears; CCSP-Kerr; Nuclear-NYT; Gore movie and SNL
May 13, 2006 Alarmists-Steyn; Biomass; Ethanol tariff; Tillerson-WSJ; HCFC controls? EU carbon market collapse; EU cool on Kyoto; Electronic smog; Hurricanes vs SST
May 6, 2006 SecondHand Smoke; NOAA press release --CCSP report: NYT, WP, BBC; Conflict of interest-Pielke; EU carbon trade; Canada cuts Kyoto> spending; No WV increase found
Apr 29, 2006 Eco-Apocalypticism; Editorial Gas crunch= Kyoto>; Earth Day-WSJ; 41 scientists in ST; Adaptation at Yale; Drake Passage > and 1500-yr cycle
Apr 22, 2006 Nuclear-Moore; EarthDay editorial -Vanity Fair; Chernobyl; Lord Howell pronuclear-IHT; GCM cock-up; Gore movie-Randall, Goldberg, Pruden, Cohen in IBD-pro; Environmentalism overreach
Apr 15, 2006 Junk Science winners; 60 scientists against Kyoto for Canada; Bob Carter in Telegraph; Super El Nino?;Gielow on Envir Secrets; Lindzen in WSJ; Seitz slandered in Vanity Fair
Mar 25, 2006 Greenland Fantasy; Ice alarmism; Hansen-60 Minutes; Vermont scam;Science friction in Colo; Kenya malaria- GW?; or DDT ban
Mar 18, 2006 Lawson; British gas;Defra Response critique; Stern Review critique; CCSP-1.1 vs DPS; Press hype of ice melting; TNR's Katrina- NOAA hype;Frog extinction-Nature; Publishing hurdles
Mar 11, 2006 NAS Hockeystick panel;Canada Envir minister;BBC vs Sensationalized science; IPCC-AR4 doomsday;but public not into GW; WRI hype; ABC corrects Hansen ice-SL story; Europe > freezing
Mar 4, 2006 Science journals turn political; GW good for crops; Nuclear energy does not need Kyoto; Letter to Domenici-Bingaman; Little net change in polar ice: but Hansen's 80-ft SL rise (ABC News)
Feb 25, 2006 Agric Benefits from GW;Post-Kyoto policy; Tropical UK; Eco-village; LCV ratings; GNEP-Nuclear policy; Battery breakthru; DDT redux; Solarcontrol of climate; More fresh water from CO2; SST measuremt and significance
Feb 18, 2006 Evangelicals-GW;Annual SEPP Rpt; Journal credibility;Gender issue vs Science;Hurricane conspiracy?; Kyoto anniversary; Stern review-FT; Ethanol scam; Gas backout_WSJ; Greenland glacier melting
Feb 11, 2006 Labohm-Cooling; Abolish SPR; 1918 flu pandemic; Domenici-Bingaman CO2 limits; Illarionov-NYT; Comments on Hansen flap; Questioning scientific authority; Science: CR effects, ocean circulation on climate; Osborn-Briffa; Krakatao delayed effects?
Feb 4, 2006 Unholy Lust; Ethanol debate;Kyoto's big con; States act on CO2; CO2 follies and benefits-Sirkin; Energy conservation; Energy in State-of-Union: 3 views; Climate models_Jenkins-Lahsen; Hansen's complaint-NYT
Jan 21, 2006 Henderson IPCC critique; Steigerwald-Kolbert; Lovelock-Arctic breeding pairs--MacRae;Pielke on Kennedy; Bastin-Pu; COP-CH4 satire
Jan 14, 2006 Ehrlich's Failed Predictions; IPSIIA cruise; Goklany ltr to Nature; Asia freezing, Siberia not melting; Shaviv's CR-ClimateSensitivity;Frogs dying: Nature vs Michaels; Plants emit CH4, cause dilemma;PM2.5 standards wrong; Letters
Jan 7, 2006 Climate models-Tennekes;NACC again? EU CO2 trading; Hvd GW poll; SPR useless; UK > gas crisis; EPA particle standards; MeBr debate
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