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Dec 22, 2012 IPCC, AR5, summary, predictions, temperature, methane, failings, courts, EPA, endangerment finding, scientific method, uncertainty, empirical evidence, aerosols, models, wind power, five problems, energy experts, wind lobby, coal
Dec 15, 2012 Vahrenholt, Doha, climate gateway, IPCC, leaks, AR5, uncertainty, shipping, EEDI, IMO, climate models, predictions, hydraulic fracturing, fracking, energy forecasts, UAH, 33 years, satellite data, Salazar, green energy, National Intelligence, energy policy
Dec 8, 2012 Doha, World Bank, global warming, extremism, AGU, Monckton, Sahara, earth, CO2, fingerprint, oil spill, sea level rise, cyclone, Santer, Britain, IPCC, NIPCC, hindcasting, AR-5, grid costs, NOAA
Dec 1, 2012 SEPP goals, sea level, Doha, IPCC, NGO, subsidies, climate change, CO2, carbon dioxide, China, India, Kyoto, science, SPM, Gray, Ball, Curry, aerosols, unprecedented warming, anthropogenic, AGW, Whitehouse, ALA, EPA, Watts, ethanol, mandate, food prices, world bank, Heartland, permafrost, poll, temperatures, hurricanes, polar ice, logging, tree rings
Nov 24, 2012 SEPP Goals, 2013, 30%, von Neumann, Singer travel, COP 18, Doha, EIKE, China, India, economic growth, evidence, IPCC, temperature, trends, climate models, climate system, climate establishment, dire predictions, world bank, carbon dioxide, CO2, WMO, McKitrick, OECD, US, EPA, EF, ABC, Watts, secret accounts, scientific socialism, climate dialogue, FOIA, parameters
Nov 17, 2012 Trenberth, Fasullo, divergence, EIKE, Christy, Lindzen, iris effect, feedback, WUWT-TV, Pielke, BBC, Hume, GWPF, science, rhetoric, models, sophistry, illusion, observations, IEA, IPCC, 3.6 C, sun, Al Gore, military, Moodys, shale, tornado, climate change, BP, oil spill
Nov 10, 2012 certainty, uncertainty, 18 years, beyond coal, elections, EPA, hydraulic fracturing, great depression, IPCC, extreme models, Trenberth, Christy, peat lands, Younger Dryas, sandy, Santer, oil glut, Bloomberg, orbital cycles, statistics, Markonis, land use, sea surface temperatures,
Nov 3, 2012 Sandy, storm surge, global warming, climate change, consensus, regulatory science, EPA, endangerment finding, IPCC, models, wind farms, 1926, hurricane, green jobs, MWP, New York
Oct 27, 2012 APS, climate change, global warming, Cohen, Warren, PBS, Singer, live chat, Kolbert, 97%, 90 to 99%, USGCRP, rebuttal, US oil, EPA, regulations, Mann, storm, economic growth, external cost, energy, no warming, Kyoto, shale gas, shale oil
Oct 20, 2012 global warming, pause, CRU, Hadley Center, HadCRU, IPCC, NOAA, models, temperature increase, 15 years, climate models, uncertainty, Curry, Watts, data, statistics, responsible scientists, EPA, endangerment finding, Federal courts,
Oct 13, 2012 Federal courts, science, uncertainty, logic, EPA, IPCC, Antarctic ice, temperature data, sea surface temperature, Psyops, crude exports, global warming, debate, Hansen, EIA, wind power, dispatchable, confirmation bias, renewable energy, Germany, biodiversity, ocean acidification, Trenberth, debate question, mid-Atlantic wind, solar tariffs,
Oct 6, 2012 Secret letter, secret addresses, McIntyre, Horner, North Atlantic, climate change Iceland, Svalbard, satellite measurements, climate sensitivity, movie, Pavillion, EPA, pebble mine, fracking, New York, IPCC, transparency, human activity, China, rate of climate change, limits of wind, 97%
Sep 29, 2012 climate realism, Svalbard, Medieval Warm Period, methane vents, circumpolar vortex, IPCC, wind power, CO2 reduction, secondary source, electric vehicles, Fisker, subsidies, carbon taxes, climate change, global warming, extreme weather events, carbon taxes, CRS, silent spring, DDT, energy independence, PBS, Fred Singer
Sep 22, 2012 global warming, skepticism, climate change, medical condition, mental deficiency, John Christy, Stevenson, oceans, atmosphere, better models, group think, mania, melting ice, model predictions, IPCC, definition, carbon tax, Hansen
Sep 15, 2012 James Hansen, IPCC, climate change change, human cause, natural causes, hockey-stick, afternoon rains, El Nino, carbon tax, production tax credits, PTC, GISS, Fenton, Alar, China, Burt Rutan, cellulosic biofuels, green energy, drought, rain,
Sep 8, 2012 Jackson, April Fools Award, coal-fired power plant, Edison, Democratic platform, science questions, Romney, Obama, ethics, climate science, Oreskes, Conway, Ranalli, data, computer code, Rapp, 98%, carbon tax
Sep 1, 2012 Apollo, AMS, American Meteorological Society, IPCC, Antarctica, republican, energy independence, AAAS, carbon taxes, Australia, solar energy, race with China, EPA, American Lung Association, 98%, Climategate, Mann, NOAA, renewable energy, government grants, shale oil, Bentek,
Aug 25, 2012 changing sun, Rhine, changing climate, Antarctic, Harappan, Climategate, IPCC, GCSP, CCSP, Mann, California, Our Climate Change, UVA, emails, Sierra Nevada, climate establishment, Maldives, subsidies, renewable, Brookings, green jobs
Aug 18, 2012 climate change, Christy, consensus, Lindzen, Happer, Cohen, Hansen, statistics, drought, Sahara, Indus plains, Lamb, zero wind, sea ice, solar research, Federal lands, green jobs,
Aug 11, 2012 Senate climate hearing, Boxer, Christy, climate change, California, poll, drought, heat wave, coal-fired plants, BEST, Spencer, surface data, UHI, Hansen, environmental defense, NIPCC, IPCC, Madrid, post normal science, Nordhaus, Singer, Jo Nova, Oreskes, Hughes, UK wind,
Aug 4, 2012 BEST, Berkeley Earth, Muller, climate skeptic, Svensmark, cosmic rays, temperature record, McKitrick, Monckton, Watts, station siting, temperature trends, NOAA, USCHN, homogenization, TOB, senate hearing, IPCC, Christy, Field, Senator Boxer, measurement, sensors
Jul 28, 2012 Temperature data, Watts, BEST, Muller, US temperatures, carbon dioxide, global warming, environmental advocates, NASA, Greenland ice, Summit Station, Apollo, right stuff, Antarctic lag, EPA delays, corn, ethanol, Paraguay, Vincent Gray, weather station coverage, climategate
Jul 21, 2012 IPCC, data manipulation, 20th century temperatures, models, divergence, warming trends, GHCN, NASA-GISS, NOAA, CRU, Greenland ice sheet, hockey-stick, land surface, cooling trend, Climategate, drought, biofuels, EIA, levelized costs, new energy, new energy world
Jul 14, 2012 Fred Singer, coral reef, NOAA, Lubchenco, Stephen Schneider, Watts, hot spell, global warming, cooling, sea levels, climate science, Ball, Curry, Spencer, dissident, government funding, climate change, global warming, carbon dioxide, CO2, false positives, carbon taxes, cost of natural gas, EIA
Jul 7, 2012 summer, heat, high pressure, wind power, forest fires, pine beetle, Forest Service, transparency, data, National Science Foundation, Chris Horner, IPCC, carbon tax, oil production costs, national budgets, green jobs, Keynesian analysis, hydraulic fracturing, fracking, climate change, global warming, Nobel prize
Jun 30, 2012 EPA, endangerment finding, science, federal court, evidence, athropogenic global warming, carbon dioxide, carbon pollution, Climategate, Rio 20, sea ice, green jobs, peak oil,
Jun 23, 2012 RIO+20, climate conference, UNFCCC, IPCC, UN, Royal Society, Ross McKitrick, Ad Hominem, Arctic warming, Antarctic warming, Easterbrook, Younger Dryas, Caribbean seaway, EPA, Rio, Pat Michaels
Jun 16, 2012 Rio+20, Rio, green climate fund, UNFCCC, IPCC, carbon dioxide, climate change, global warming, Santer, Oreskes, MACT, Revkin, EPA, CO2, fracking, natural gas, climate science, Lindzen, Romney, coal
Jun 9, 2012 dismal science, Rio+20, UN, Environmental Programme, population growth, Malthus, Ricardo, dreary professors, Lomborg, fracking, fracing, hydraulic fracturing, Texas, oil, gas, EPA, MACT, Climategate, Gleick, ocean acidification, Heartland, hockeystick, biophysical limit
Jun 2, 2012 Heartland Institute, heartland controversy, Czech president, Klaus, Judith Curry, ocean acidification, Ollier, climate change, global warming, Lamb, wet Sahara, Indus civilization, Spain, solar, wind, IPCC, doubt, age of gas, natural gas, washington post, Michael Mann, little ice age, medieval warm period, bristlecone pines, hockey-stick, sierra snowfall, San Joaquin valley, sierra club
May 26, 2012 Heartland, NASA, astronauts, Vaclav Klaus, Klaus, Czech Republic, NATO, Apollo, scientific consensus, IPCC, climate change, carbon dioxide, CO2, climate change is real, unabomber, protests, EPA, carbon pollution
May 19, 2012 Heartland, California snowpack, CARB, mandates, cost of mandates, solar wars, oil production, sierra club, $68 Billion, Sen Inhofe, European green
May 12, 2012 Heartland, Kaczynski, billboard, IPCC, AR4, climate deniers, skeptics, EPA, frakcing, hydrates, false positives, RPS, logic. electrical costs, power plants
Apr 28, 2012 EPA, mercury, Lisa Jackson, Royal Society, Rio+20, limits to growth, supernovae, Svensmark, tectonics, biodiversity, Antarctica, sea ice, acid waters,
Apr 21, 2012 EPA, NASA, scientists, GISS, shale, Michael Mann, Apollo, Eagle Ford, Clean Air Act, Alaska pipeline, carbon dioxide, coal-fired power plants, Keystone, computer source code, uncertainty, logical fallacies
Apr 14, 2012 Heartland, BP, Evistat, Lindzen, USHCN, Spencer, AMS, shale oil, shale gas, Keystone, energy security, energy independence, EPA, coal, Gulf of Mexico, animals found dead, ideology of catastrophe, NASA, global warming, CO2, ice ages, WWF, severe weather, carbon black
Apr 7, 2012 EPA funding, non-profits, ALA, american lung association, Bill Gray, Gleick, Heartland, Nordhaus, Cohen, Happer, Lindzen, global warming skeptics, New York Review of Books, bureaucratic science. CSIRO, end of ice age, sea temperatures, ocean acidification, Barnard Cohen, uranium, radon, linear no threshold model, Nader, mercury, climategate, Singer,
Mar 31, 2012 EPA, carbon dioxide, coal power plant, electricity, natural gas prices, fracking, endangerment finding, public health, inspector general, Supreme Court, Julia Gillard, oil and gas tax subsidies, Svalbard, April Fools Award, President Obama
Mar 24, 2012 IPCC, global governance, global warming, climate catastrophe, WMO, medieval warm period, little ice age, NIPCC, infant industries, solar power, wind, CRU, temperature measurements, Oreskes, Federal agencies, alternative energy, EPA, Michael Mann
Mar 17, 2012 IPCC reports, global governance, earth system, sea level, UN sustainable development, Rio+20, cooling earth, dormant sun, keystone pipeline, oil spills, plagiarism, Mann, Wegman, Rapp, greenpeace, tax credits, China gas, China oil, North Dakota, solar cooling, Nordhaus, glacier melt, Agenda 21, skeptics, Easterbrook
Mar 10, 2012 EPA, endangerment, Clean Air Act, wind power, EU, Energy Roadmap 2050, energy subsidies, NOAA, Lubchenco, ocean acidification, Peter Gleick, Heartland Institute, Michael Mann, fakegate, environmental charities
Mar 3, 2012 EPA, endangerment, science, federal court, greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, scientific evidence, tailoring rule, pollutant, Lisa Jackson, bundling, SEPP, science advisory board, Justice Department, validation, Patrick Michaels, clean air act, SKY, cosmic rays, federal budget, climate science, Gleick, Heartland, IPCC, shale oil, shale gas, wind power,
Feb 25, 2012 Heartland, Gleick, AGU, IPCC, science integrity, UNFCCC, CRU, HH Lamb, Russell, 16 Concerned, EPA, endangerment finding, sea level rise
Feb 18, 2012 Heartland, Christian Science Monitor, Koch Foundation, NIPCC, climate science, Fred Singer, New York Times, climate science funding, GAO, nuclear power plants, wind farms, California snowpack, methane hydrates, extreme cold, noble savage,
Feb 11, 2012 Fred Singer, Royal Society, Andrew Montford, APS, IPCC, Richard Lindzen, President Eisenhower, NIPCC, Bob Carter, nuclear power, AP1000, China, NRC, voodoo science, Himalayas, Pachauri, glacier melt, Greenland, Antarctica, GRACE, sea levels, Vahrenholt, The Cold Sun, bryce canyon, Texas wind power, ERCOT, Koch postulates,
Feb 4, 2012 Fred Singer, positive science, normative science, climate science, wall street journal, solar irradiance, global warming, missing heat, James Hansen, NASA, nuclear waste, Sierra Club, coal plants, Chesapeake Energy, solar irradiance, Climategate
Jan 28, 2012 SEPP, VA-SEEE, wetlands, navigable waters, Dr. Battig, ICLEI, Rio+20, no drastic action needed, wind power, solar power, Germany, Spain, back-up, Ontario, electricity prices, Oreskes
Jan 21, 2012 Keystone pipeline, Transcanada, Obama, foreign oil, Bakken, North Dakota oil, stimulus bill, Alaska pipeline, Thomas Edison, NCSE, National Center for Science Education, climate models, false positives, EPA,
Jan 14, 2012 climate change, climate change deniers, climate change skeptics, climate science, David Hume, IPCC, EPA, black swan, anti-science, hockey-stick, temperatures, Gleick, Brown, GHG, emitting facilities, Keystone pipeline, junk science, Gulf of Mexico, gulf oil spill, climate sensitivity, next ice age, alternative energy
Jan 7, 2012 EPA, skinning the cat, MACT, mercury, utility regulations, asthma, Willie Soon, data quality act, EPA lawsuit, sea ice, DOE, electric cars, hybrid cars, OIG
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