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The Week That Was (TWTW) Archives

Date of TWTW Key Topics in this TWTW
Jan 3, 2004 Annual Report for 2003; Trading and Kyoto; Are Glaciers Melting Away; The Ice of Kilimanjaro
Dec 27, 2003 Lomborg; NASA Symposium; Mars climate change; Canadians against Kyoto; Report from CO-9 in Milan
Dec 20, 2003 Aliens and global warming; Report from CO-9 in Milan; Geological Data and Global Warming
Dec 13, 2003 Oil security; Arctic pipeline; Energy legislation; COP-9 Milan meeting, PLEASE SUPPORT SEPP
Nov 29, 2003 Kyoto schemes; EU's "REACH" system; Hydrogen technology problems
Nov 22, 2003 Nyet to Kyoto; GH skeptics maligned; Kyoto disbenefits US ; Hockeysticks data fudged
Nov 15, 2003 Mercury pollution; CO2 from wind; Oil rigs and marine life; New books
Nov 8, 2003 McLieberman defeated; EPA climate report science faulted; IPCC emission scenarios faulted
Nov 1, 2003 Kyoto; McCain and Lieberman
Oct 25, 2003 Sound Science; Sweden and energy taxes; Windpower; Arctic gas pipeline
Oct 18, 2003 Russia and Kyoto; Mosquitoes and Global Warming; McLieberman debate in Senate
Oct 11, 2003 Dirty bomb; Indoor air pollution
Oct 4, 2003 Kyoto-Russia; Attacks on Satellite data
Sep 27, 2003 Fallacy of oil-peaking, tariffs, Bio-diesel; Dioxin, PCB, and Cancer;
Sep 20, 2003 GW issues: EPA Chief, NYT misreports, Hockey stick smeares; Russia doubts Kyoto; Kyoto vs. Clean water;
Sep 13, 2003 Lomborg attacked; False alarm in Science; SEPP workshops in Balltic; Data don't support GW; Electricity blackout;
Aug 23, 2003 Energy policy at Aspen &in US Senate; Taiwan Hormesis experiment; New Books;
Aug 16, 2003 Ethanol fuel problems; Chemical regulation; Senate hockey stick debate;
Aug 9, 2003 Science editor bias; Montreal Protocol problems; Global Warming is not WMD..
Aug 2, 2003 Hydrogen is not the answer;Taiwan radiation incident; Kyoto is wrong approach (FT); Climate models not validated.
Jul 26, 2003 EPA bias on global warming; Supernovae influence climate; Taiwan radiation incident shows lower cancers;
Jul 19, 2003 Junk Science on GW; IRS goes after energy subsidy cheats; FERC geos after wind farms; Air pollution is not causing Asthma;
Jul 12, 2003 GW oped by James Schlesinger & responses; Cosmic Rays affect climate on million-year timescale; Opposition to Kyoto in Canada ; More support for Hormesis;
Jul 5, 2003 Hormesis gains; Russians doubt Kyoto; New Zealand methane tax; Debate over Ethanol;
Jun 28, 2003 Canada may reject Kyoto; CFC smuggling; Britian's Carbon Trust; No radiation danger for air travel.
Jun 21, 2003 German Professors pro-nuclear; Danes have wind power problems; Hormesis science and economics.
Jun 14, 2003 Climate Science: Problems with aersols; Forests expanding into desserts; Earth becomming greener; Atmosphere not warming.
Jun 7, 2003 Useless climate model; Passive-smoke alarms; Breast-cancer alarms; Ocean-radioactivity sources; Reflections on SARS
May 31, 2003 EPA charade on Cleaner Air; Greenpeace counter-protest; Nuclear news from NY, EU, Switzerland
May 24, 2003 Defending the "Real Enviromental Crisis"; European problems with Kyoto&Nuclear energy;
May 17, 2003 Review of "Real Enviromental Crisis"; Linear-No-Threshold (LNT); Dioxin, radiation, plutonium; Hormesis; Air pollution distortion.
May 10, 2003 Senate committee undermines US Kyoto position; Atmosphere warming debate; Air pollution extremism.
May 3, 2003 Canadian realism on GW; Oil sands development vs.Kyoto; Debates on natural gas reserves&plutonium.
Apr 26, 2003 Fuel-Cell cars are distant; UK & Japan nuclear down, China & US up; GW skepticisim in Russia
Apr 19, 2003 Methanol fuel; Alaska gas pipeline; Middle ages warmer; Senate energy bill problems; "Real envir crisis" book.
Apr 12, 2003 Methanol as a motor fuel; Parliment challenges UK govt energy plan; Suing over climate change?
Apr 5, 2003 High cost of Wind Power; NAS Panel faults Bush climate plan; Dioxins are now a old story.
Mar 29, 2003 McCain-Lieberman CO2 caps; Chemical Industry security; EPA gets science advisor.
Mar 22, 2003 Challenger and Columbia accidents; Mercury and Dioxin issues; Frogs again;
Mar 15, 2003 A cold look at renewables and hydrogen; UK White Paper on energy; Radon therapy;
Mar 8, 2003 Lomborg redux; PETA problems; Is CO2 a Pollutant; and more.........
Mar 1, 2003 Russia secures its nuclear material; US supports international Fusion project; UK environment problems;
Feb 22, 2003 Fuel-cell car problems; Radiophobia in France; Economists attack IPCC scenarios; No El Nino enhancement with Global Warming;
Feb 15, 2003 Global Warming uncertainties; Nuclear report from Europe; AlQaeda bomb hype; AGU GW resolution mischief.
Feb 8, 2003 Space policy critique; Columbia accident: Why did foam break off?; Malaria independant of Global Warming.
Feb 1, 2003 What's wrong with emission trading; Terrorisim and Nuclear safety debate; Lomborg defended.
Jan 25, 2003 CO2 Cap-and-Trade; Science editor attacks Bush; Scare story on Arctic Rivers.
Jan 18, 2003 Adventures with Global Warming; Climate change fingerprint?; How Canada sold Kyoto; Response to Nuclear scares.
Jan 11, 2003 Temperature record disparity; No Cancer risk from Air travel; Chernobyl boonoggle; Depleted Uranium scare.
Jan 4, 2003 History of SEPP; Atmospheric CO2 changes; 2002's most dubious news stories.
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