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The Week That Was (TWTW) Archives

Date of TWTW Key Topics in this TWTW
Dec 25, 2004 Crichton book reviewed (Bailey); COP-10 report; So long, Kyoto; GW lawsuits  
Dec 18, 2004 Bush-bashing over Kyoto>;Scientific 'consensus' on GW -- UK , Russia , US (in Science); Consensus that GW unimportant:; Arctic climate update; UK failing GHG control  
Dec 11, 2004 Nonfederal CO2 restrictions; Automakers sue CARB; Homeland Security issues radiation guidelines; Strict Hg rules too costly; Freak weather not due to GW; Much ado about Fu  
Dec 4, 2004 US climate politics; Media bias; CARB; Kyoto in force but Canada fails Kyoto; Climate history questioned  
Nov 27, 2004 Radiation risk/Hormesis; Yucca Mtn debate; Hg emissions; Ralph Lapp/Reed Irvine; Arctic warming un-diddled  
Nov 20, 2004 Big flap over Arctic Warming--What warming? Alaska gas pipeline;Hydrogen economy;What drives Kyoto ?  
Nov 6, 2004 Post-election thoughts; Queen on GW; Mc-L bill cost; Arctic ice hype  
Oct 30, 2004 Hockeystick broken; Environmental (GW) fears--public disinterst -- realistic views; Kyoto inadequate  
Oct 23, 2004 Nuclear power for US-ASME; in France; turmoil in UK; Duma ratifies Kyoto --but problems; GW scares  
Oct 16, 2004 Longevity and radiation; AIDS concern; Kerry and windpower; Floating nuclear plants; Much ado about CO2  
Oct 9, 2004 US environmt improves; Coal power cleanup; Hockeystick broken--again; UK > plans new GW policy; NOAA chief  
Oct 2, 2004 Tories support GW fears;US experts debunk hurricane fears; States want to control CO2; Radiation guidelines for Dirty Bombs  
Sep 25, 2004 Australian scientists trash IPCC; German govt energy policy awry; Kerry energy plan cop-out; Why NGOs push Green agenda  
Sep 18, 2004 CT scan risk? H-economy problems; Hurricane hype; Cold climate risk; Nat'l Geographic GW scare  
Sep 11, 2004 9/11--Blixful Amnesia; Energy facts vs Kyoto; Chem plants vulnerable; No oil security subsidy; "Clean coal" does not limt CO2  
Sep 4, 2004 Climate warming seen only in models --not in atm obs; IPCC conclusion on human influence vitiated  
Aug 28, 2004 Yucca Mtn disputes; GW craze&witch trials; Calif GW study flawed; WH report on GW misreported  
Aug 21, 2004 Moscow seminar dispels GW fears; Climate sensitivity: Obs vs Models; World oil peaking? Smog deaths?  
Aug 14, 2004 Opposition to windpower worldwide; Greens take govt. cash; UK hysterics about GW  
Aug 7, 2004 Russian Academy on GW; Solar activity & GW; BBC promotes GW scares; Meacher, Anderson fired-- Trittin coming next?  
Jul 31, 2004 Spent fuel disposal; New radiation guidelines; Nuclear power returns; Ethanol economics  
Jul 24, 2004 Solar-Temp data diverge; Insurance companies whine; Oil refinery bottleneck; Hockeystick updated  
Jul 17, 2004 SEPP News Release on GRL papers;Hockeystick data mangled; Democratts ignore Kyoto; Showdown at Moscow Climate Conference  
Jun 19, 2004 Oil security; DTAT backfires; Science consensus lacking on GW  
May 29, 2004 Radiation hormesis; Nuclear regulatory commission; Superfund lawsuit; Russia and Kyoto  
May 22, 2004 Radiation benefits; Nuclear security; Alaska pipeline; Copenhagen consensus; IDAG controversy  
May 15, 2004 TDAT book review; TDAT and BBC, Nature and David King; TDAT = Junk science  
May 8, 2004 Oil shortage?; Satellite temperatures; Sequestering carbon?  
May 1, 2004 Meeting with Trittin; Global warming control; "The Day After Tomorrow"  
Apr 24, 2004 Reflections on Earth Day; Burying Kyoto; Books to read on Earth Day; Global warming in the house of Lords  
Apr 17, 2004 Emmission cuts put British jobs on danger; OECD countries don't meet greenhouse goal; Gore legacy persists  
Apr 10, 2004 Prather on WMDs; Sweden on nuclear power; Dioxin and tumors; Gasoline prices; Oil crisis imminent  
Apr 3, 2004 Legates attacks the hockeystick; Climate models flawed; Enron and Kyoto; Methyl bromide  
Mar 27, 2004 Environmental NGOs; EPA to test business management plans; New fuel fees; Toxic tort developments  
Mar 20, 2004 COP in Buenos Aires; German labor unions; Climate change could benefit crops; California 's vehicle controls  
Mar 13, 2004 Canadian reactions to Sir David King; Climate science ignored by UK scientists; Wind energy in Germany 
Mar 6, 2004 Global warming; White House politicizing science; Pentagon report; Nuclear power and health; Nuclear news  
Feb 28, 2004 Methanol Ahnold; Wind generation; Nuclear energy advances; Europe trying to meet Kyoto demands  
Feb 21, 2004 Solar cycles cause climate change; Glaciers are not thermometers; Kyoto tax on the U.S.; Osama Bin Greenhouse  
Feb 14, 2004 Health effects of radiation; Hormesis; EU fights over Kyoto>; Oil reserves high; Wind power in Denmark 
Feb 7, 2004 Alternative motor fuels; Fusion energy from the Moon; NASA monopoly blocks the way to Mars  
Jan 31, 2004 A Cold Greenhouse; Global Chilling Predicted; Why extreme scenarios get quoted; Scientists Need to Scare Us  
Jan 24, 2004 Extinction risks from Global Warming; Gasoline Additives; Al Gore letter to Aunt Agony (parody)  
Jan 17, 2004 Toxins beneficial; EPA warns about tuna; U.S. spends on pollution abatement; China develops "Green GDP"  
Jan 10, 2004 Medieval Global Warming; Oil Conspiracy in Iraq; Kyoto's doubtful benefits; "Mad Scientist" disease in Britain  
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