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Dec 21, 2013 commons, IPCC, ar5, NIPCC, idso, carter, singer, singer, royal society, royal meteorological society, nic lewis, sensitivity, climate, aerosols, lindzen, falsification, chain of reasoning, parameterization, morass, pnas, climate impacts, ISI-PIP, Potsdam institute, oscillations, pdo, amo, doiron, upper bound, NOAA, EPA, climate change committee, religion, science, 80%, fossil fuels, EIA 
Dec 14, 2013 House hearing, Christy, Pielke, Titley, extreme events, costs, GDP, natural variation, independent validation, non-falsifiable, hypothesis, new graph, overestimates, model testing, latest models, worse, 17 years, religious, IPCC, inconsistency, EPA, EF, ozone, surreal science, delusional certitude, CCC, AMS, bird kills, BP 
Dec 7, 2013 certainty, eagle ford, bakken, ethanol, biomass, 2007 mandate, RFS, big oil, Goodlatte, Welch, subsidies, fossil fuel, abrupt climate change, cyclone, hurricanes, earthquakes 
Nov 30, 2013 Federal funding, climate science, $185 billion, special interest, National Institutes of Health, priorities AMS, forecast the facts, DAleo, doubt, 11%, 80%, expert reviewer, climate circus, survey, Germany, wind, solar, power 
Nov 23, 2013 climate circus, cop-19, UNFCCC, climate conference, climate models, authority, US funding, EU, 20%, missing heat, Arctic, the gap, model projections, observations, JFK, moon, testing, skeptic, social cost of carbon, scc, satellite measurements 
Nov 16, 2013 IPCC, logic, Singer, LLNL, COP 19, typhoon, Philippines, CO2, emissions, WMO, Spencer, El Nino, La Nina, denial, oil production, Schopenhauer, Bonneville, hydro-power, carbon tax, government spending, climate change, medical research 
Nov 9, 2013 EPA, supreme court, listening, economics, science, climate science, war on science, Soon, Obama, legacy, social cost of carbon, executive order, boom, fracking, models, carbon pollution, failing science, models wrong 
Nov 2, 2013 executive order, authoritarian expansion, executive power, climate establishment, exaggeration, certainty, models, temperatures, Schneider, false dilemma, EPA, CO2 emissions, Baffin Island, Arctic summers, ocean heat, infrared, model falsification, Supreme Court, federal climate change expenditures. Singer, NIPCC, new ice age 
Oct 26, 2013 NIPCC, IPCC, SPM, critique, retreat, misleading, incorrect, scientific knowledge, Lindzen, models, represent, nature, climate system, 95%, certainty, social benefits of carbon, $3.2 Trillion, Idso, Tol, Arctic, Antarctic, sea ice, fires, Australia, India, cyclone, CCS 
Oct 12, 2013 chartsmanship, IPCC, ar4, ar5, uncertainty, McIntyre, 95%, climate sensitivity, CO2, Lindzen, climate establishment, computer simulation, science programs, medieval warm period, little ice age, missing heat, UV, sun, Svensmark, CERN, clouds, spm, models, ignorance, stadium wave planetary motion, models, sea levels, Federal Register 
Oct 5, 2013 NIPCC, IPCC, climate change, extreme weather, zombie science, Pielke, power plants, McIntyre, peer review, history, Easterbrook, temperatures, more intense warming, elephant, Rose, pause, trends, models, satellite data, hot spot, heat transport, magnetic activity, Curry, Shaviv, Quirk, wrong premises, Interacademy Council, probabilities, nuclear power 
Sep 28, 2013 NIPCC, IPCC, climate change, SPM, summary for policymakers, green team, red team, climate sensitivity, Spencer, policy, EPA, endangerment finding, evidence, hot spot, 20th century warming, climate models, no warming, MET office, bias, McCarthy, leadership, secret science, 0.065ÂșC, Motl, Curry, Singer 
Sep 21, 2013 NIPCC, IPCC, climate change, summary for policymakers, certainty, no warming, emissions, models, tropics, surface air temperatures, hot spot, social costs of carbon, scc, renewables, wind, solar, Germany, subsides, government manipulation, epa, power plants 
Sep 14, 2013 NIPCC, IPCC, reports, ar5, credibility, spm, scc, social costs of carbon, benefits, warming, co2 emissions, us, energy balance, vincent gray, supreme court, Australia, election, Lomborg, benefits, fracking, icons, global cooling, responsibility, confidence, us energy 
Sep 7, 2013 NIPCC, hot spot, trends, fingerprint, Singer, Australia, elections, energy program, Germany, Svensmark, CERN, hypothesis testing, null hypotheses, direct, indirect, false positives, physical science, scientific method, dangerous global warming, soot, Little Ice Age, Holdren, Ehrlich, jobs, oil and gas 
Aug 31, 2013 Lindzen, distortion of science, IPCC, CAGW, periods, graphs, climate establishment, models, overestimates, hypothesis testing, null, pause, PDO, El Nina, small changes, Motl, Brignell, Greenland, canyon, sea level, geography, false precision, wildfires, northwest passage 
Aug 24, 2013 John von Neumann, parameters, 95%, certainty, IPCC, AR5, Motl, SPM, AGU, Geological Society of Australia, Carter, Curry, extreme weather, Pielke, Pindyck, social cost of carbon, scc, EPA, endangerment finding, well fracking, National Geographic, liberty, Storch 
Aug 17, 2013 models, reality, IPCC, bureaucratic science, Storch, model projections, stagnation, best evidence, PIK, greenhouse effect, offshore wind, reliable, unreliable, green jobs, oil sands, social benefits of carbon, climate sensitivity, science societies, questioning green, energy costs 
Aug 10, 2013 Right climate stuff, Cunningham, lowering standards, AGU, NOAA, NASA, Royal Society, AMS, climate report, climate and violence, validating models, bibliography, models, observations, climategate, Oreskes, Conway, Brignell, Himalayan glaciers, power plants 
Aug 3, 2013 sea level, Singer, Hansen, Lamar Smith, EPA, science, thought, belief, knowledge, civilization, Ehrlich, Kelly, Simon, conflict, blogs, authoritarian, Shell, green river, secret science, BP, advocate, Stanford, 
Jul 27, 2013 EPA, endangerment finding, supreme court, IPCC, national research council, projections, model validation, McIntyre, Callendar, Hadley Centre, pause, Met office, methane bomb, EIA, 97%, precautionary principle, 
Jul 20, 2013 Senate hearing, Vitter, Sessions, Pielke Jr, Spencer, Obama, climate, weather, vary, theory, models, peer review, climate plan, energy efficiency, ROI, social cost of carbon, solar, wind, sustainable energy, Britain, Spain, Germany, erratic wind, IPCC, temperatures, NSF 
Jul 13, 2013 NIPCC, China, model runs, IPCC, AR4, Department of Energy, WMO, EPA, warming, sea level rise, hurricanes, probability, physical science, Murry Salby, NOAA, weather prediction, climate forecasting, polar science, seals, bears, social benefits of carbon, hiding, TV news, Fred Singer, CRU, Greenland, Bob Carter, Germany, solar subsidies 
Jul 6, 2013 Ensemble of models, probability, testing, IPCC, fundamental error, natural causes, lowering standards, AGU, WMO, World Bank, motto, missing heat, ocean temperatures, experiment, carbon tax, McKitrick, climate models, forecasts, hottest temperature, wildfire, Texas oil 
Jun 29, 2013 Obama, climate speech, climate plan, Apollo, right climate stuff, EPA, authoritarian power, flat earth society, carbon cost, carbon benefit, Washington science, Yucca mountain, NIPCC, model issues, political shift, gas rich Britain, climate science lesson plans, wind power, sustainable 
Jun 22, 2013 NIPCC, debate, Pat Michaels, Harold Doiron, decision making, TRCS, AGW, NCA, political document, mean is meaningless, missing from models, complexity, limits to growth, world bank, NOAA numbers, $250,000, USGCRP, green power, failure, ensemble 
Jun 15, 2013 NIPCC, China, Academy of Sciences, merchants, 96%, IPCC, SMP, Salby, mean, models, standard distribution, BP energy, bakken, smart drilling, federal lands, carbon tax, limits to power, sea levels, Feynman, technology, Bloomberg, polar bear, green jobs, skylines 
Jun 8, 2013 IPCC, sea level, ice melt, models, observations, decarbonize, UK, energy policy, wildfires, Gillard, blame, SCC, games, OMB, US oil, 73, forest service, agriculture, warming rate, Easterbrook, debate, green jobs, Navy, biofuels, 19 
Jun 1, 2013 Otto, climate sensitivity, climate models, certainty, CO2 benefits, CO2 enrichment, EPA, litigation, endangerment finding, sustainability, resilience, administration, accusation, LNG, AGW, global warming, skeptics, legal issues, pollen 
May 25, 2013 Global cooling, global warming, IPCC, models, observations, validation, McKitrick, Gray, mainstream, public enemies, Oklahoma tornado, hurricane season, carbon taxes, CBO, 400ppm, consensus 
May 18, 2013 Lindzen, Bengtsson, climate science, climate models, three times, taxonomy, outputs, German Ministry of the Environment, Cook survey, 97%, petitio principii, aerosols, McCarthy, EPA, transparency, green jobs, black gold, hydraulic fracturing, fracking, snowpack, biomass, 400, fish thermometer 
May 11, 2013 Greenland ice, the right climate stuff, demon carbon, models, IPCC, AR-4, AR-5, 20th century warming, Medieval Warm Period, Little Ice Age, 400 ppm, Pliocene, ice ages, EPA, 90 to 99%, 1400 years, biomass burning, Germany, China, warming causing cold spring, energy security, 
Apr 20, 2013 TRCS, the right climate stuff, carbon based, AGW, national climate assessment, USGCRP, CATO report, atmosphere, temperature trends, 44 models, greenhouse effect, Easterbrook, WWU, carbon dioxide, carbon emissions permits, trading, mitigation, IEA, CCS, carbon credit, natural gas, price, EPA, asthma, ALA, pipelines, Antarctic ice, James Ross Island, Climategate, pseudoscience 
Apr 13, 2013 fossil fuel, subsidies, USGCRP, climate change, acidic oceans, trivial, drought, Marcott, McIntyre, fingerprint, European cooling, greenhouse effect, CCS, viniculture, Venezuela, missing heat, NAO, Met Office, McKitrick, Antarctica, carbon tax, Hansen 
Apr 6, 2013 Marcott, hockey-stick, blogs, Brignell, data smoothing, hypothesis testing, cherry picking, global warming, intertropical convergence zone, Sahara, Indus plateau, Ollier, Dyson, agnotology, Hansen, keystone, pipeline, fossil fuel, subsidies, Hedegaard, wind power, electric automobiles, oil imports, China, US, tax breaks, oil 
Mar 30, 2013 human emissions, breathing, NIPCC, April Fools, IPCC, greenhouse, Grey, climate establishment, Arrhenius, measurements, chaotic. CO2, cold, deaths, Europe, hubrisocene, south, keystone 
Mar 23, 2013 Hockey-stick, green jobs, Marcott, Shakun, McIntyre, Livermore, NSPS, EPA, Martella, energy policy, stimulus, energy security trust, Obama, alternative energy bankruptcy, mandating technology, Climategate, carbon standards, Germany, polar bears, India coal, carbon tax, refiners, methane hydrates, SMR, ethanol, cellulosic 
Mar 16, 2013 Eisenhower, scientific-technological elite, 9, IPCC, AR5, process, chaos, global warming, AGW, hockey-stick, Singer, proxy data, instrument data, correspondence, Easterbrook, McIntyre, NEPA, Katrina, climate alarmism, authoritarianism, Science, editor, trust but verify, transparency, Holdren, Climategate, methane hydrates 
Mar 9, 2013 changing sun, solar irradiance, climate assessment, global change, IPCC, run-up, Holocene, medieval warm period, CO2 science, madison avenue science, propaganda, climate change communication, alarmed, TV weather, extreme weather, Maplecroft, resilience, keystone, Vaclav Klaus, BP, oil spill, $40 Billion 
Mar 2, 2013 Lawson, Nurse, 0.04%, AMS, DAleo, questions, climate science day, science societies, heat, drought, Sandy, Antarctic, ice cores, scalability, wind power, Barnett shale, well life, production, keystone xl, environmental studies, Washington delay, Goreham, 400 ppm, global cooling, solar, Germany, prophets 
Feb 23, 2013 Christy, failing models, climate models, IPCC, surface, lower troposphere, temperature trends, AR5, NIPCC, sea surface temperatures, TRMM, hurricane energy, greenhouse gases, feel good legislation, wind power, electricity prices, Brignell, principles, electricity generation, solar, wind, fad, energy plan, human civilization, BP 
Feb 16, 2013 Sagan, Miller, government science, sue and settle, EPA, FWS, pH, acidification, AMS, Marshall Shepherd, Roger Pielke, survey, climate science day, tricks, extreme weather events, EVE, loaded dice, meteor, Spencer, Gleick, mice, fracking fluid, combined cycle, land for solar, consensus, Spain, green power, Bloomberg, Australia, wind, snow, Sandy 
Feb 9, 2013 Fred Singer, Secretary Chu, stone age, technological change, prosperity, 2%, Australia, wind power, installed capacity, reliability, subsidies, fossil fuels, NREL, stand-by, back-up, energy innovation, Mary Hutzler, climate sensitivity, 1888 blizzard, climate seers, Met data, Amazon forests, weather service, chartsmanship, polar bear, snow, clean tech, Bakken 
Feb 2, 2013 Occams razor, carter, hypothesis tests, GHG, CO2, global warming, AITSE, Royal Society, Club of Rome, national socialism, peer review, EPA, games, federal courts, keystone, Sierra Club, beyond coal, beyond natural gas, fossil fuel subsidies, china, coal, benefits of CO2, NIPCC, IPCC 
Jan 26, 2013 Lovelock, Gaia, Greenland, warm period, temperatures, right climate stuff, global warming, wind promoters, authority, data, medieval, science, health benefits, CO2, temperature trend, predictions, ERCOT, duplicate capacity, Obama, EU, cold winters, renewable, petition, climate sensitivity, aerosols, fossil fuels, warm period, sea levels 
Jan 19, 2013 Sandy, storm surge, Hansen, solar, irradiance, IPCC, AR5, co2, money, global warming, climate change, climate establishment, no warming, MET, black carbon, USGCRP, drought, floods, greens, Salazar, Hill, Brignell, epidemiology, Oreskes, Conway, authoritarian, solar, Climategate, solar energy 
Jan 12, 2013 extreme weather, MET, prediction, IPCC, NIPCC, warming trend, sun, world bank, NOAA, US, climate, AGU, MIT, WGII, science, US Climate Assessment, Al Gore, Gray, epa. emails, deaths, world 
Jan 5, 2013 IPCC, Gray, 2012 temperatures, greenhouse skeptics, AR5, WGI, political divide, west Antarctic, Lisa Jackson, EPA, wind, subsidies, climate change, death penalty, deniers, extreme weather, ice cores, global warming, climate change, Sandy, supreme court, coal, polar bear 
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