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The Week That Was (TWTW) Archives

Date of TWTW Key Topics in this TWTW
Dec 22, 2007 Vatican: IPCC curve fitting vs IJC result; Bali-Natl Post; Ltr to SG-UN; 400 scientists vs IPCC; Gelbspan  epiphany; LNG in Maine; Calif waiver denied; 2007 cooling
Dec 13, 2007 In Bali: UN chief, Fred Thompson, Pope, odd bits; 103 scientists; IJC paper: debate; Wiley-IJC release; IJC press briefing
Dec 8, 2007 Bali bash; IPCC scientists Bali declaration; Solar power tower; more SL scares for Bali; Holger Jenkins on Gore's Nobel; IJC press release
Dec 1, 2007 Bali prelude; Commonwealth conference; Green Govt promises not kept; US climate bills; Courts need climate science; Gore profits from GW
Nov 3, 2007 Cal CO2 targets; UK targets; Kyoto unrealistic-Nature; Christy in WSJ; Negative climate feedback-Spencer; Carbon demonized
Oct 20, 2007 Nobel Prize to Gore and IPCC; tepid and negative comments; political fallout uncertain;London review of UGW
Sep 29, 2007 Bush Climate Summit; Lieberman analysis; UCS wants 80% cut; 'Vampire' memo?; Cheney interview; Dingell tax proposal; Ocean CO2 removal scheme; origin of PETM warming
Sep 22, 2007 MontrealProtocol; Biofuels pollute; Urban congestion; Judge throws out Cal GW suit; Academics insecure,conform-Pipes
Sep 15, 2007 AGU Climate Panel; Energy bills stalled; VT ruling on CO2; Avery PR on UGW;Monckton on 'consensus'
Sep 8, 2007 Input to AGU Statement; Clive Crook on IPCC; CapeCod WindFarm-Kennedy; APEC mtng;C-offsets in India;Garbage police
Sep 1, 2007 NIPCC preface; IPCC-SAR changes; Wiki-CCSP; Geotimes-CCSP; Sfc station fraud;Marlo Lewis mitigation; Drought-Idso.
Aug 25, 2007 4-InconvTruths; EU's CAFE; Dingell on carbon-gas -tax; McLieberman costs; CO2 control-->poverty; Media hot &cold; GW is good
Aug 11, 2007 GISS-SfcTemp error; Lehman Bros; SciAm ltr; Newsweek flap; SEJ flap; WV feedback-Spencer; Brown cloud warming; Critique of H-W Hurricane
Aug 4, 2007 Chlorine security; GW tort suits; Sun controls floods/droughts; Biofuels bad for 3rd world; Abolish CAFE; Hurricane hysteria; Melanie on CO2
Jul 21, 2007 Dingell; Challen editorial; Calder and Whitehouse support Sun; Lundberg-Gas price and  GW; Milloy-CO2 scams; Jeb on small govt: Durkin replies to GW zealots
Jul 14, 2007 Mitigation costs; CAFE in Senate; NIPCC in Holland, Brussels; TGGWS extracts
Jun 23, 2007 Senate energy bill debacle; Renewable energy bubble; Milloy criticizes Manzi; Public misinformed about air pollution; Tim Patterson; Reid Bryson
Jun 16, 2007 G-8 wrapup; Dingell-Pelosi feud; statesmen skeptical on GW; Lindzen-contrarian; Solomon-GW deniers;
May 12, 2007 CBO CO2 report; Green hypocrisy; GW is good; Vatican climate conf; Chauncey; Starr
May 5, 2007 Vatican climate conf; IPCC-WG3 critique; SciAlliance ltr; Revelle story-Financial Post
Mar 31, 2007 6th graders; Burlington editorial; more Ethanol problems; Energy future; Battery research; Calif problems; Post-normal science; Books reviewed;
Mar 24, 2007 SEPP-March2007; Biofuel problems; MIT coal study; USvsEU on CO2; CO2 offset scams; IPCCvsNewScientist; Scientists critique Gore-NYT;
Mar 17, 2007 TGGWS; RoyMetSoc vs AAAS; Skeptics debate GW; Hulme-Melanie on post-normal science; Musser on consensus; Akasofu vs IPCC; Indep scientists vs Gore
Mar 10, 2007 IPCC-Lowry; IPCC too optimistic? Stern critiques; Peer review problems; No GW consensus;Europe warms to nuclear; Great GW Swindle
Mar 3, 2007 GW profiteering--Gore/ industry; "GW Swindle" Cheney interview; Publishing problems;
Feb 17, 2007 Vaclav Klaus; Samuelson--mitigation; Sowell-skeptics; C-permits crash; Antarctic warms; Flowers by air; SFS-Hopkin ltr to Nature;Skeptics win out; Calder-CR effect; SPM sealevel errors; Appeal to Canada senate
Feb 10, 2007 State-of-Union-Ethanol; Attack on State Climatologists; Harper on Kyoto; FraserInst-ISMP; German car-wars; Solar variability
Feb 3, 2007 IPCC critique by SEPP,WashTimes, NY Sun,SciAlliance,FinancialPost; Pachauri vs Solomon; Books-- UGW and Chilling Star; IPCC contrarians; Kyoto: Horner, Chirac, India; scam
Jan 27, 2007 GW crock; Discount rate ethics-FT; Polar bears-WSJ; UGW- DailyTele; Skeptics persecuted;  Gorons-AIT critique; Monckton-IPCC critique; Bingaman; EcoScam; EcoFreaks; CEOs like caps; Big Corn; Ethanol folly; 2006 not warmest; Congress pork;
Jan 20, 2007 Decertify TV weathermen; FT-D ltr; UCS-Cooney-Ebell; Volkskrant; Climate fears>terrorism; Gore movie restricted, criticized; Industry wavering-Novak; UGW review; SciAlliance report; Ethanol problems; Dioxin; wood smoke; DDT truth; NYT-stem cells
Jan 13, 2007 GW scams; EU Kyoto problems with ETS;Blair vs UK govt; Arnold fuel folly; Synfuel back'2006 warmest?
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