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The Week That Was (TWTW) Archives

Date of TWTW Key Topics in this TWTW
Dec 27, 2008 Forecast 2009; IPCC deconstructed; Obama's science team; Holdren quotes; Schleede; Horner; Williams; Tipler interview; Lessons from 2008-SciAlliance 
Dec 20, 2008 Siberia temp puzzle; Poznan v Brussels; Coal-CCS problems; Paris carlib plan 
Dec 13, 2008 650 skeptics; Obama env-energy team; SST problems; ETS problems: EU battles: cheating; Poznan COP 
Dec 6, 2008 SST problems; Obama vs Greens? Cost of EPA-ANPR; Gus Speth; 'Noble Savage'; EPA comment-Idso 
Nov 29, 2008 EPA-ANPR costs; Obama climate plan?; Fingerprint 4; CAFE_UAW; methane puzzle; NF3_GHG; Green journalism 
Nov 15, 2008 EPA-ANPR; Fingerprint-3; Cal GW problems; 
Nov 8, 2008 Crichton RIP; Fingerprint-2; War against coal; What will Obama do; Envir backlash; Aircraft CO2 control; APS flap 
Nov 1, 2008 Fingerprint-1; Obama CO2 control; Bush vs Bush; Scientist corruption; Holland SL rise; Envir extremism satire 
Oct 18, 2008 EU-ETS collapse; Michigan sacrifice; Dingell-Boucher CnT; Consensus Watch; Laser fusion; Renault E-car; Envir guilt_C-offsets; Sceptics Handbook; Obama-CO2-IPCC 
Oct 11, 2008 EU votes unrealistic carbon targets against national and industrial opposition --except in UK ; NYRB letter 
Oct 4, 2008 Bailout-Carbon emission inventory; GW enhances EPA; Energy fraud-Roy Innis; UK govt combines energy supply/demand; Poland revolt vs EU; Akasofu-LIA; Green bubble bursts; Garnaut report  
Sep 27, 2008 Climate sensitivity analysis; OCS drill ban expires; Biden coal gaffe; Gore stokes civil disobedience; permafrost non-problem; GW is hoax- NZ MP; BBC attacks skeptics  
Sep 20, 2008 Lehman and GW; How 2 degC became critical; UK CEOs urge climate action; UK imminent energy crisis; Big Business profits from GW  
Sep 13, 2008 Editorial: no warming trend; UK jury: GW justifies breaking the law; big energy companies push wind power; Obama's energy plans; How to comment on the EPA ANPR; Sea Level protection debate in Holland  
Sep 6, 2008 Bled Forum; Natural forcing: Sun or PDO; CCSP-3.3: no trend for climate extremes; Drilling shales for gas; BLM backs down on solar energy; UK minister denounces GW scare; CFC-ban-asthma problem 
Aug 23, 2008 Editorial on cooling; NOAA delays USP; CBO-EPA data on cost of C & T; Nuclear industry double-crossed; Hansen's SL predictions 
Aug 16, 2008 CCSP-USP comments; Georgia coal plant; Warmist excuses; TX vs ethanol; Drilling-->;lower oil price;RyanAir 
Aug 9, 2008 Fake-USP; USPvsDQA; Pelosi vs drilling; Obama vs fossilfuels; Industry profits from GW; Natural disasters from GW?  
Aug 2, 2008 EPA-ANPR horrors; Ozone standard; WaltWilliams; USCAP follies; Models fail test; Algorino  
Jul 26, 2008 Labour Green suicide; APS flap; TGGWS-OfCom;TBPickens-wind;Gore doomsday; Future fuel costs up; Demise of science refereeing; The Child-Obama  
Jul 19, 2008 EPA-ANPR, reactions and editorial; C & T-->;income redistribution; more evidence against AGW: hope for deniers  
Jul 12, 2008 Cooling-Nature-May1; Morel-models imperfect; Lomborg-better than C & T; CCSP-weather extremes-Pielke; Helmer-no consensus;  Singer-Royal Soc; Will-polar bears; WSJ-against C & T  
Jul 5, 2008 Greenland collapse? Senate C & T defeat; UK energy crisis; NIPCC critics; GW mass neurosis  
May 22, 2008 Investors support climate laws; 32,000 skeptics; petition; Cap & Trade is Cap&Kill Economy; GW vs. Freedom; Intelligence failure; NZCPR; Media alarmists become skeptics; Biofuels; more problems; NIPCC eBook  
May 17, 2008 Polar bear decision; McCain returns to Cap & Trade; Horrors of ethanol; Can GW cause cooling?; US public cool on GW; Need for GW debate; Economic catastrophe coming; In defense of CO2; GW activists attack the family  
May 10, 2008 IBD on climate cooling; Walt Williams on Earth Day; Green suicide for UK govt; UK citizens object to green taxes; Chris Horner on Cap & Trade; Begley misses on glaciers; Solar energy fantasy; Media bias on Antarctic Ice; Wikipedia trashes bios of skeptics  
May 3, 2008 Nature model predicts cooling; mayor election; Public tires of GW; GW fears raising prices; Smears against climate realists; Cap & Trade problems 
Apr 26, 2008 Economy vs Hysteria;Europe chooses coal; Green vs Green; NIPCC to stop GW scares; Cardinal Pell and Pope  
Apr 19, 2008 Bush GW speech; Blankley critique; GW data revisions; Ethanol illegal?; Deniers list; IPCC – AR5?; SFS editorial  
Apr 12, 2008 GW creating hostility to West; Emission trading=windfall profits; Oil peakers and technology freaks; Borlaugat 94; Lord Lawson in FT  
Apr 5, 2008 GMU talk; Mass. vs EPA; Logging protects forests; Hydrogen and biofuels disasters; Kansas kills coal;Kyoto's real cost--Helm  
Mar 26, 2008 ABC flap; Spring cleaning 
Mar 22, 2008 Arthur Clarke, Fred  Seitz RIP; HrtldConf-NIPCC reactions; Spencer on clouds; Monckton to SciAm; SFS on SHS, AOH, NACC2000; Lawson on opt climate; EPA ozone rule; C & T costs; US cool on GW; Energy independence a fantasy 
Mar 15, 2008 Heartland Conference; NIPCC release; Manhattan Declaration; EPA on Calif waiver; Cal Cap & Trade; Ethanol hoax; Roy Spencer's blog  
Mar 1, 2008 NIPCC release at NY Climate Conference; Access to oil blocked; Ethanol vs food; New ice age; Stifling  GW debate; Sowell on GW; UK move to C & C  
Feb 23, 2008 China-India can buy technology; Cal wants GW in schools; biofuels vs food; fuel efficiency; polar bears survived; ozone reaction in doubt 
Feb 16, 2008 McCain-Obama on GW; Green war against  coal--with help from industry; GW saves lives; CBO critiques C & T; Arabs and Russia profit from Kyoto  
Feb 9, 2008 McCain and GW; banks leery of coal projects; CNG displaces oil imports; Douglass,Christy,Singer in IJC; redux on Larsen ice shelf, Arctic ice, biofuels; desmogblog linked to criminal; Heartld Conference  
Jan 12, 2008 Critique of IPCC's AGW conclusion: of Myles Allen and Tom Wigley; 9th Ckt Ct decision on CAFE; Morano defends 400 scientists; Monbiot vs Gore; Oil is not peaking  
Jan 5, 2008 AGW vs Energy Policy editorial; Cal Thomas on GW; Cold wave in SH; $cience Mag on Moneywagon  
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