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Jul 13, 2024 DDP meeting, CERES-SCIENCE, Soon, Connolly, Clark, global climate models, corals, Marohasy, change, Chevron Deference, high tech electricity, $95 per megawatt hour
Jun 29, 2024 Willis Eschenbach unraveled clumps of data in the Westerhold paper to reveal a wide variety in CO2 concentrations at different, stable plateaus in temperature. Using these data, Gallagher discussed in the summary of Part 1:
Jun 22, 2024 Feynman, certainty, Humlum, crisis, Steele, ITCZ, Pielke, NOAA, climate cult, CCNow, oil, gas, wind. solar. storage. $195,000,000
Jun 15, 2024 Ignorance and doubt, Clauser, cloud thermostat hypothesis, temperatures, US net zero, popular uprising, Europe, New York, EIA news, devil’s dictionary of climate change, 30 seconds
Jun 8, 2024 Clauser, slides, cloud-thermostat model, Spencer, verifying, McIntyre, hockey-stick, proxy data, Caiazza New York Climate Act, $25 billion
Jun 1, 2024 Clauser, albedo, fudged numbers, NOAA, cloud thermostat, power imbalance, Mills, power hungry, Smil, lithium shale, two-faced, 55%
May 25, 2024 Clauser, conservation of energy, no global warming, CERES satellite team, science, not politics. pernicious misinformation.
May 18, 2024 NO TWTW. It will resume next weekend.

Due to unexpected complications, there will be no TWTW this week.
May 11, 2024 Lectures, Curry, Clauser, Wikipedia, Gregory, 97%, disagreement, risks, uncertainty, wicked science, deviant vocabulary, Stefan-Boltzmann, Trenberth, heating, global warming, Earth’s Energy Imbalance, Loeb, CERES, -80C
May 4, 2024 Svensmark hypothesis, mathematics, logic, science, testing against physical evidence, Washington’s spending plans, IEA failure, 42nd DDP meeting, 32-year-old infants.
Apr 27, 2024 Exception, principle, science, Feynman, scattering, Happer, the trick, climate, movie, proxy problems, nutrition, co2, forecasting, google, energy, government, critical thinking, $53 billion.
Apr 20, 2024 Essential, Lindzen, Happer, Koonin, Hayden, climate scientists, radiation transfer, academic science, Mills, magical thinking, 5.6 billion gallons
Apr 13, 2024 Unthinking respect for authority, Calabrese, omission of studies, LNT, Spencer, Christy, integrity, global greening, Steele, ocean acidification, ocean chemistry, European courts, EPA, forever chemicals, 80 to 200 inches per century
Apr 6, 2024 Humlum, state of the climate, Alexander, climate history, May, bibliography, LNT, scientific method, weather events, 25%
Mar 30, 2024 NO TWTW. It will resume next weekend.

Time to Vote

It is time for voting on the Annual SEPP’s April Fools Award – the Jackson. Last year UN Secretary General António “Leave it in the Ground” Guterres beat out the National Science Teachers Association who demanded that representatives of the CO2 Coalition and their displays be removed from a conference of science teachers. The troublemakers espoused the radical idea that carbon dioxide is necessary for all green plant life, thus all life. Horrors!

Send your nomination to
Mar 23, 2024 Feynman, scientific integrity, cargo cult science, utter honesty, LNT model, Calabrese, radiation, Muller, fear, chemical, no threshold, nuclear waste storage, standardization, calibration, Canada, energy, 100,000 time greater
Mar 16, 2024 Film premier, Clauser, probability tree, additions, constant sun, CERES team, Steele, CO2 extinction, extreme weather, Nordhaus, Pielke, 30% IEA
Mar 9, 2024 Mature critical thinking, UK, EU, Hughes, Beyond Carbon, clean tech, affordable, reliable electricity, Edward Air Force Base, solar & storage, bats, 64% capacity factor
Mar 2, 2024 Russian climate modelers, ENSO, clouds, standardization, proxy data, ocean acidification, organic processes, Steele, grid forming generation, High-tech, experimental air, atmosphere, one out of seven.
Feb 24, 2024 EPA, scientific integrity, scientific method, Feynman, water vapor, models, fact check, bias, CERES, Poynter Institute, endangerment finding, denial, deregulation, transmission, cost, storage, $3,958,000 miles, 75,000 miles.
Feb 17, 2024 Feynman, pseudoscience, integrity, Hayden, blackbody, albedo, Humlum, CO2 Coalition, McIntyre, hockey-stick, IPCC process, 63 hours. capacity, MW, MWh
Feb 10, 2024 Spencer, graphs, reveal or hide differences, time periods, aerosols, cost, wind and solar, Mann v. Steyn, Curry, $4 Trillion
Feb 3, 2024 Nebert, climate crisis, Juice, Prins, failure of Net Zero, graphs, electric vehicles, ten times the density
Jan 27, 2024 Spencer, climate models, Hayden, IPCC definitions, Legates, Soon Germany, UK, electricity, Biden LNG exports, , geothermal activity, ocean currents, 6,000 meters
Jan 20, 2024 Multiple climates, Lindzen, Geothermal Impacts, UAH data, Viterito, AMO, PDO, clouds, Happer, Chevron deference, EVs, cold, energy traders, 200 million v 2.5 billion
Jan 13, 2024 HL Menchen, quality of data, NOAA, NASS, Copernicus, Antarctica, IEA, China, renewable energy, SEPP members, hydrocarbons, EPA, oil and gas, 1,142
Jan 6, 2024 Frederick Seitz Award, McIntyre, McKitrick, false concepts, earth’s climates, Clauser, contesting policy, net zero, UK, Darwall, US, Puzder, Yost, MINUS 67°F
Dec 30, 2023 Understanding nature, greenhouse gases, temperatures, 2023, McKitrick, Zero for storage
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