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Date of TWTW Key Topics in this TWTW
Sep 23, 2023 Fool yourself, Feynman, Guterres, climate week, fire and brimstone, Everett, Hoskins, Sunak, UK, net zero, storage, Dominion Power, data centers, 12 hours, 20 minutes, CAISO.
Sep 16, 2023 Synthesis Report, summary for policymakers, AR6, climate week, deficiencies, Hayden, models, greenhouse effect, 20 weeks below 20 percent
Sep 9, 2023 Happer, Heartland, diminishing returns, Soon, CERES, scientific method, Fulks, Hunga Tonga, stratosphere, Patrick Brown, omission, Washington, fossil fuels, 0.64 per 100,000, death rate.
Sep 2, 2023 Surface-air temperatures, Courtney, NIST, Watts, Frank, CERES, real threat, Pleistocene, 900,000 years ago, green energy wall, Germany, recession, EV subsidies, subsidy war, 1 ppmv equals 2.13 Gt
Aug 26, 2023 Koonin, IPCC, core report, separation, Spencer, conservation of energy, mass, model drift, Frank, huge errors, 1 million tons, 37 billion tonnes
Aug 19, 2023 Russell, mathematics, Hayden, CO2, albedo, Maui fires, Curry, climate, summer 2023, green jobs, deficit, 87.6 hours
Aug 12, 2023 July temperature report, Maui fires, EPA new rules, SEPP, Curry’s interview, manufactured consensus, green wall, UK, sacred lands, minus 105 F
Aug 5, 2023 July 2023 temperatures, Spencer, evidence update, greenhouse gas primer, W & H, Hayden, Yim, Tonga, Chen-Zhi, UAH, Frank, Gallagher, El Nino prediction, hydrogen, US, 8.3 billion tons, coal
Jul 29, 2023 Gallagher, complex, chaotic, systems, modeling, Soon, little ice age, gulf stream collapse, AMOC, Kerry, Guterres, boiling, 150 million metric tons.
Jul 22, 2023 Happer, Lindzen, EPA, scientific method, power plants, Gallagher, Westerhold, Courtney, 5 billion, BRICS
Jul 15, 2023 The Abyss, AAAS, Westerhold, deep sea, Gallagher, ocean basins, ocean currents, land masses, Panamanian Seaway, four climate states, continental drift, intolerance, Clauser, changing records, sins of emission, April Fools Award, ten times more deaths.
Jul 8, 2023 No TWTW on July 8th This weekend, SEPP Directors Willie Soon, Howard Hayden, and Ken Haapala will be giving separate talks at the annual meeting of the Doctors for Disaster Preparedness.
Jul 1, 2023 Patrick Frank, LiG thermometers, surface-air, refrigerants, first principles, North Africa, plastics, minus 106F
Jun 24, 2023 UN Secretary General, fossil fuels, corn belt, crop yields, IEA, smart, Oregon, law suites, toxic chemicals, EVs, China, subsidies, Ford, 102% of operating
Jun 17, 2023 Planetary heat balance, Lindzen, convection, Curry, uncertainty, Steele, CO2 starvation, Moore, Happer, Princeton, UK weather, Aris, wind power
Jun 10, 2023 Distinct human fingerprint, external costs, Antarctica, Artic, LNT model, Milloy, self-regulating, mineral extraction, sacred lands, forest fires, 0.6%, fish
Jun 3, 2023 Due to travel, there will be no TWTW this week.

TWTW will resume on June 10.
May 27, 2023 Sabotage, Hayden, radiation transfer, lithium, Supreme Court, wetlands, virtual power plants, IEA, USDA, cereals, RCP8.5, SSP5-8.5, wood burns, 86% imagination
May 20, 2023 Feynman, final judge, regulations, Sowell, visions, Nebert, cycles, May, AR6, page count, NSF&NOAA, amplification, ACSH, LNT model, South Africa, Menton, Inuit, $1/kilogram v. $3.50/kilogram
May 13, 2023 W & H, Ontario, greenhouse effect, photons, CLINTEL, Monckton, Marohasy, voting, warming, EPA, destroy civilization, eco-colonialism, 6% per degree Celsius
May 6, 2023 Temperature trends, Marohasy, Ole Humlum, cloud cover, sea ice loss, CDC, PM2.5, EPA, Chevron deference, subsidies, luxury goods, $66,446 per unit
Apr 29, 2023 Lindzen, physical science, Spencer, minimum temperatures, Andy May, sea surface temperatures, subsurface seamounts, environmental justice, Menton, South Africa, hearings, 19,000
Apr 22, 2023 Flies, no greenhouse, van Wijngaarden and Happer, Zou, McKitrick, Koonin, Marohasy, visions, earth day, 30 seconds
Apr 15, 2023 Van Wijngaarden and Happer, Hayden, water vapor, solar radiation, January, July, thermal resistance, greenhouse gases, weather, ocean dynamics, McKitrick, UAH, temperature trends, mid-troposphere, auto industry, yellow dust, 0.14 K.
Apr 8, 2023 Van Wijngaarden, Happer, IR, Arrhenius, Michaux, Mills, lithium, Congo, ozone, models, forever chemicals, 50,000 times
Apr 1, 2023 Van Wijngaarden and Happer, atmosphere, greenhouse gas primer, Svensmark, evolution, CO2 Coalition, NSTA, Manchin, subsidies, Montford, wind power, Unknown
Mar 25, 2023 IPCC Synthesis report, fact sheet, water vapor, Andy May, lapse rate, Wade Allison, wind power, Darwall, economics, subsidies IRA, West Virginia v. EIPA, PM2.5, 145 times
Mar 18, 2023 Cheap renewables, net zero, Australia, NREL, EIA, Kelly, Menton, Willow project, atmospheric river, $35 Trillion.
Mar 11, 2023 Nature absurd, Sheahen, data trumps Hayden, models, IPCC, inconsistency, CO2 doubling, surface temperature rise, Soon, Steele, wildfires, scale, nuclear, western drought, Bothnia, 2.3%
Mar 4, 2023 Lindzen, Happer, net zero, 15th ICCC, Curry, wicked science, Soon, cycles, McKitrick, Allen, Lewis, sea levels, UK, wind power, China, six times,
Feb 25, 2023 There will be no TWTW this week.

I'm returning from the superb 15th International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC) that concluded last night in Orlando. The conference featured excellent presentations on diverse topics by knowledgeable speakers who understand the strengths and weaknesses of different views on climate change and energy policy. The speakers encouraged individual thought, rather than reinforced groupthink. This was the best ICCC conference yet!  

TWTW will resume on March 4 with discussion on some of the 15th ICCC topics key to TWTW.
Feb 18, 2023 Curry, interview, Net Zero, problems, Montford, Dears, Geological Survey of Finland, Gosselin, Goklany, Homewood, hydrogen, 69%
Feb 11, 2023 Steele, Arctic sea ice, ocean currents, Spencer, GHCN, Schussler, Caiazza, grid planning, Menton, real costs, Dears, graphite, weather balloons, 10% of world’s electricity
Feb 4, 2023 Lindzen, planning engineer, Germany, Homewood, climate modelers, Met Office, statistics, health, BP, energy outlook, regulation, mineral extraction, 25%
Jan 28, 2023 NCA5, Koonin, Hayden, Stefan-Boltzmann law, first principles, water vapor, agricultural productivity, Marohasy, Lomborg, Covering Climate Now, 31 years
Jan 21, 2023 Tim Palmer, doubt, Sowell, anointed, planning engineer, Marohasy, Spencer, surface-air, California drought, Horn, chronology
Jan 14, 2023 Stefan-Boltzmann law, IPCC, AR6, Plimer, scales of time, Schussler, grid, solar power, southwest, natural gas stoves, COP28, 3.7 W/m2
Jan 7, 2023 Manheimer, poor correlation, Christy interview, Spencer, surface and sub-surface datasets, ECS, Steele, solar ponds, Schussler, grid, dynamic machine. California drought, government entities, falsifying reports. 5% increase
Dec 31, 2022 Stefan-Boltzmann Law, planetary heat balance, false attribution, PAGES 2K, false precision, Spencer, closure problem, Essex, cooling, Gallagher, natural causes, Steele, not science, Happer, Lindzen, air-surface, Watts, water vapor, volcanoes, plasticity, 3-D problem, Lindzen, ring of fire, Yim, 0.13C/decade
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