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Temperature Trends
2 degree C
Ditch the 2 °C warming goal.
A Comment on Victor-Kennel [Nature, Oct 2]
S. Fred Singer
Abstract: Submitted to Nature, Oct 6, 2014
I applaud the bold suggestion [Nature Oct 2], by policy expert David Victor and space physicist Charles Kennel, to ditch the rather meaningless but well-entrenched 2 °C warming goal. I predict little if any positive response by governments.

Modeled v. Observed
Lack of Consistency Between Modeled and Observed Temperature Trends

S Fred Singer (USA)
Abstract: The US Climate Change Science Program [CCSP, 2006] reported, and Douglass et al. [2007] and NIPCC [2008] confirmed, a potentially serious inconsistency between modeled and observed trends in tropical surface and tropospheric temperatures. However, Santer et al. [2008: hereafter Santer], though sharing several co-authors with CCSP [2006], offered new observational estimates of [tropical] surface and tropospheric temperature trends, concluding that there is no longer a serious discrepancy between modelled and observed trends. Santers key graph [shown here as Fig. 5] misleadingly suggests an overlap between observations and modeled trends. His new observational estimates conflict with satellite data. His modeled trends are an artifact, merely reflecting chaotic and structural model uncertainties that had been overlooked. Thus the conclusion of consistency is not supportable and accordingly does not validate model-derived projections of dangerous anthropogenic global warming (AGW).

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